The Team

  • Sean Si

    Chief Executive Officer

    Sean Si is the head-honcho and editor-in-chief of SEO Hacker. He is a Bible-believing born-again Christian blogger in God and You. He is passionate about teaching, speaking, leadership development, personal growth, SEO and God.

  • Kevin Si

    Chief Operating Officer

    Kevin Si is an artist from the deep roots of his soul. He loves to work fast so that he can flitter around Facebook and 9gag. He is also in charge of front-end web development and design and giving the team a good morale boost when we’re all salivating with heavy workload.

  • Vince Salud

    Accounts Associate

    Vince Salud is the man to go to when things get overloaded. He’s able to carry the extra load and run the field. He is also SEO Hacker’s PPC Manager. He is also passionate about cars and girls. Single and ready to mingle. Yeah.