SEOhacker Journal by Vince (November 16, 2011)

November 16, 2011

I. Process for Guest Posting

A. Prospecting
B. Contacting Webmasters
C. Research Outline (summary)
– to writers c/o (angelyn@seo-hacker,com)
1. Introduction
2. Links on specific details
– “you’re telling your audience what message you want to convey”
3. Results/Conclusion
D. Approval of Webmaster
E. Article Writing
F. Send Back Article
– via Huddle (document repository)
G. Editing
1. Insert links and related media
– does it convince us…is it entertaining?
H. Submit HTML format/visual of the article to the Webmaster

II. Long Tail (How do you look for keywords)
– How do you know if a keyword is being searched for?
– go to Google Words
– Keyword, competition, intl. search volume, local search volume…
A. Two kinds of advertising (categorized as number of traffic and value)
1. ATL (above the line) – tv, media, billboards
2. BTL (below the line) – newspapers, magazines, internet
– “saved festival” – Fat Head
– saved festival tickets – Chunky Middle
– where is the saved festival concert – Long Tail
* if you target the fat head alone, you have to funnel the keywords through links
* long tail = targeted traffic (low-medium)

III. Sales Proposal
* target sales conversion rate
A. 1st step – look for keywords and if the company has a website
B. 2nd step – filter out the keywords (good traffic, specific, easy conversion)
– to know if the site has seo, no. 1 determinant are no. of backlinks
– other determinants are as follows: (meta desc, title, meta keywords, copywriting, url/slugs)

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