Advanced Online Reputation Management Package

Now that you’re here, you’ve most probably read my Basic Online Reputation Management Package. Why do I offer another set, which is advanced SEO?

The advanced Online Reputation Management package is more focused on protecting your brand name rather than rebutting all the other existing negative reputation that your online brand has accumulated. It is a very defensive strategy for your online brand but at the same time, it includes the basic online reputation management package so you can watch the negative reputation sink further in the SERPs.

Advanced Online Reputation Management also gives you a presence in social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It is, in essence, a free internet marketing kit for your brand. This package is HIGHLY recommended

ADVANCED REPUTATION MANAGEMENT PACKAGE: $1200 / MONTH FOR 6 MONTHS (This includes the basic Online Reputation Management package)

  • Mininet creation
    • Creation of one or more websites that are related to your website and brand
    • Connecting of these websites so that it becomes a network
  • Blog creation and management
    • Creation of a blog (CMS)
    • SEO copywritten articles
  • Social media protection
    • Establishing your brand in Facebook
    • Creating and managing your Facebook account
    • Creating a Facebook page
    • Facebook-Blog integration
    • Establishing your brand in Twitter
    • Creating and managing your Twitter account



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