Basic SEO Package

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been the craze for online businesses and websites. Even if you have the best product, the greatest idea or the most exceptional service to offer, if people don’t know it – then you’re next to useless. SEO creates traffic for your site through search engines, which means that they are people looking for something – apparently something your site has to offer (that’s why they landed in your site in the first place!)

SEO is simply marketing in the search engines. Why use search engines? Because about 70% of the people on the internet use the web to look for something through the search engines. That’s a fact. Won’t you want your site to be on the top of the first page results of Google when 70% of our entire world population today is using Google to look for something?

You need SEO if you want your site to be seen by people.

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Forums account creation and management

  • Creation of a profile for your company
  • Creation of banner Signature for your company
  • Creation and application of an avatar for your company
  • Creation and application of a signature for your company
  • Research and development for forum reputation
  • Forum posting and management

Blog Commenting

  • Blog niche research
    • Exclusive blogs with good content
    • Blogs with good, quality traffic
    • Blogs that are related to your market
  • Blog posting

On-page optimization

  • Meta tags optimization
  • Keyword density analysis and optimization
  • Content analysis and optimization
  • Outbound links analysis and optimization
  • Image SE visibility analysis and optimization
  • Site user-friendliness analysis and optimization

Google Analytics Reports

  • Simple and easy to understand Google Analytics graph and results analysis
  • Outlined and detailed explanation

Search engine indexing

  • Submission to Yahoo
  • Submission to Google
  • Submission to Bing
  • Submission to all other search engines

Free directory listing

  • Dmoz Directory listing
  • Other free directories listing

Basic SEO package would focus more on using forums and blogs to direct traffic into your website. On-page optimization will also be key in making your site more visible in the search engines to gain traffic from the search engines.

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