Here’s to a Brand New Start

Brand New DayI still vividly remember fixing our 21 Batac office with Khris, Kevin, Shiro, Vince, and Pol (she’s somewhere out there now). It’s been almost a year since then. We tidied up the place, swept the dust and cockroaches, stuck the darned egg trays, hammered the old dirty whiteboard, and greeted the house with prayer and thanksgiving to the Lord.

Now here we are saying good-bye to our second office. Perhaps two months too soon.

You see I talked with the house owner asking if we could extend there. I was considering a handful of options. We needed to know if we could extend so as to know if we need to break down the cemented walls of our studio and clean the rugby and tape-marks of the egg trays stuck to the walls. We needed to make plans for the year ahead if we are to stay.

All they gave me was an unsure response. The owner’s son was planning to stay over to be a little nearer at work. Talk about the hassle and all the money we’ve spent trying to improve the place for our projects.

It is a sad, stressful and expensive answer. But we needed to find a solution right away. We can’t afford to let the clock tick with us not looking for another solution in case the house owner decides to kick us out.

So the Search for the New Office Began

My mom knew this other mom from high school. Her daughter was my batch-mate. My mom called them up.

They were currently fixing and renovating the house they were renting out. So we decided to give it a look. Me and my mom drove by and it was a big house – and it was offered to us for the same rent price that we are renting our current office. Talk about an upgrade!

So I prayed. Hard. It’s not that easy to move stuff and to pay another sizable downpayment to start the rent.

All of that led to this. We’re now moving to the new office. It doesn’t have an internet connection yet but we’re trying to push that through as fast as we can. Perhaps we’ll use mobile internet for the next few weeks. Hopefully not. We’re entitled to a 10 megabyte per second internet download speed as ordered.

The house is 300+ sqm. It’s pretty big considering we’re at 200+ right now. There’s a huge hall where the team will be working. You’ll each have your own tables – hopefully. Let’s see how it will fit.

Each one of us is required to bring his/her own slippers for work. Shoes will be left at the shoe rack by the main door to keep the floors clean from dirt and mud since it’s the start of the rainy season.

We’ll be hiring our first helper who will be in charge of the dishes (finally), house cleanliness, food (she’s a cook too), laundry, and anything that relates to house maintenance. We’ll be discussing her salary and how we’ll be distributing her pay from amongst all our salaries.

Please know that this house is where I’ll live for the next 7 months. There will be rules and I’ll be strict with cleanliness and order. The up-side is that I’ll be able to work hand-in-hand with all of you aside from the times where I’m supposed to be focused in writing or if I’m debugging a code or fixing a client’s on-site or server-side problems.

SEO Hacker TeamA Short Message

Do you see the picture with the colored balls? That’s how I see all of you. No you’re not round and bubbly. I see you guys as individuals with very different characters, principles, work ethics, skills, habits, flaws, strengths, loyalty, commitment and diligence.

You guys are all indispensable.

Your work and productivity is critical and significant to our company. Please know that.

I also want you to know that more than a powerful SEO team, we are a family.

More fun at SEO Hacker

John please move a little closer next time? 🙂

The Transition

This is the schedule that is to happen for the next few days:

Thursday – this is the supposed completion date of the electrical rewiring inside the house.

Friday – This is when all of our split-type inverter air-conditioners are supposed to be transitioned to the new office. All the holes made at the old office is supposed to be plastered well. I won’t be there to monitor this since I’ll be at the Tech and Travel Expo to give a talk on Digital Marketing.

Monday – This is when our truck is supposed to arrive and when we’ll transfer ALL of our stuffs to the new office. We’ve got limited time. Rob will bring their Nissan Navara pickup to help speed up the process. I’ll be in charge of where to put the stuffs on the new office. Our new tables and chairs are supposed to arrive on this day too. I’ll ask our home if we can borrow the maid for clean-up after everything’s been transitioned.

Tuesday – This is when we’re supposed to go to the new office. Check it out. Don’t forget to bring your slippers!

Wednesday Onwards – Hopefully we’re fully settled in the new office and the Internet Connection has been put in place. Let’s keep praying that we’ll be on schedule and operating by this day.

Looking Back

We’ve been through good and tough times – our first Christmas party, the revamp of SEO School, and our first company outing. Who would’ve thought that we’d be able to go this far? It’s all by God’s grace.

It’s a brand new start guys – and we’ll be staying for 2 years in this office. I hope you guys will like it and will give your all for this transition to go and finish well.

SEO Hacker Team July 2013

Here’s to a new chapter 🙂