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Google’s Punishment on Spammy SEO Strategies and How to Win Against It In 2023

What if you wake up one day and discover your website’s ranking crashing to the ground- with years of SEO effort invalidated by Google’s algorithm update?

Your website might have been involved in a black hat SEO practice called ‘SEO spam.’ Here is everything you need to know about it and how to act against it in 2023.


Should you be Worried about Content Scrapers?

Have you seen a website that posted the exact same article, from top to bottom, of a recent article you published? It can be infuriating knowing that other people are trying to benefit from the content that you worked hard on without your permission at all.

If you own a high-quality website that is getting a good amount of traffic, then you are most likely a victim of content scrapers. Content scraping is the illegal process of copying content from high-quality sources and publishes them as their own.


Buying Backlinks for SEO in 2020: Should You Still Do It?

Should I buy backlinks for SEO?

Quick Answer: While buying backlinks for your website can theoretically boost your rankings, there are many cons to buying links, with the biggest one being the risk of penalization by Google (as it goes against their Webmaster Guidelines). It is a risky strategy, and I suggest only buying links with the goal of promoting or advertising your website in mind.


Google Versus BlackHat Since 1999

The recent Google algorithm updates of Panda and Penguin were the latest interventions in a long history of combating unethical link building and spam content sites.


What should we do with the Black Hats?

This is a very interesting (and funny) video that I stumbled upon in Youtube. The question is: “What should we do with the Black Hats?” Should we kick them out? Hate them? Love them? Give them a job?

I personally like Rand Fishkin’s answer. Very profitable. But that’s just me. The 50 different SEO practitioners in this video have very interesting answers.