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How to Setup Discovery Ads (And Create One, Too!)

If you’re a brand or business that has already improved your search and discovery but still looking to get a wider but better online audience reach and conversions, Google Discovery Ads got you covered.

Unlike Google Display Network, Discovery Ads targets high-intent audiences.

Because Discovery is AI-driven, this ad solves a problem or answers the user’s question automatically before it appears in the search bar, instead of depending on what the user searches for. 

Before we dive into how you can set up Discovery Ads, let’s discuss briefly what it is and why you should use it. 


The SEO Hacker Mobile Optimization Checklist

SEO in 2018 is another year where big changes are happening, as Google aims to roll out numerous updates that would aim to improve the user experience, especially for mobile websites. When it comes to the mobile experience, this has been seen by Google as the future platform in which search would thrive more.


6 Effective Mobile SEO Apps for Android

Mobile usage has been on an upward trend for the past few years, with increasingly powerful devices and faster internet being huge factors. This prompted Google to establish a mobile-first agenda that enhances the user experience for people accessing webpages through mobile. This new approach has helped promote the optimization of mobile websites.


Keep the Pace: Preparing for the Google Speed Update

Loading speed has become an integral part of SEO, being a factor in the overall user experience. It has been proven numerous times that fast loading speeds help users stay longer in a website, ensuring that you have steady traffic and a lower bounce rate. There are a variety of ways to lower loading times, which include using WordPress tools, along with some effective site optimization techniques that keep things fast and smooth.



How to Embed Forms in AMP pages and Why it’s Important

The official AMP Project page announced earlier this month that it successfully launched support for forms created in the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) HTML. The forms that you can create vary between interactive polls, e-mail caps (capture) form to even the more intricate forms like selecting colours on an online marketing product webpage.


How to Optimize Your Mobile App for App Stores

I was trying to download a photo editing app when I saw how many applications were available out there. And then it made me wonder.

How do we know which one to choose?


Why you Need a Mobile Site for Mobile Search

So I’ve been lingering around with mobile search optimization lately and found out a couple of resources stating that Google will rank websites with mobile versions higher – in mobile search. If this is the case, then we should all be grabbing mobile versions of our sites. You won’t want your competitor to outrank you just because he has a mobile website and you don’t, don’t you?