Facebook App Development and Campaign Package

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Facebook is a close-runner behind Google. We all know that Facebook has now eaten up most of the internet pie when it comes to the share of time spent on the web – which is 9.9%

Social media has also impacted SEO in a way like no other. Social signals have now become a very noticeable part of an SEO campaign – Facebook plays a huge part.

Facebook Apps are one of the most engaging ways to deal with your customer. Having a Facebook app means a lot to retaining your customer and gaining more information about them. It also helps you to market yourself out to their wall – if they allow you permission of course.

Having a Facebook app also means lots of ‘Likes’ and lots of users coming back to your Facebook page – given that you have a campaign behind that certain Facebook app in your page.

FACEBOOK APP DEVELOPMENT AND CAMPAIGN PACKAGE: $800-$4,000 / 2 FB APPLICATIONS – 3 Months Running (Including Setup, Tweaking and Maintenance)

Facebook Page management

  • Facebook Page wall monitoring
  • Facebook Page wall posting
    • This is for the company’s presence in Facebook’s network. We will be targeting people there who are into your market.

Facebook App Development and Management (2 rotating Facebook apps for the 6 months duration)

  • Facebook App conceptualization
  • Implementation of Facebook App
  • On-going support and tweaking for Facebook App
  • Management of Facebook App promotions
    • This is for the company’s presence in Facebook’s network. We will be targeting people there who are into your market.
    • We can extract basic and advanced information from the Facebook app as needed.

Email Marketing (Facebook Emails)

  • Email listing account creation and management
    • Effective Email listing
    • Email list management
  • Email campaign Copywriting of your materials
  • Email campaign management and promotion
    • Emails will come from the Facebook App data extraction as we run promos from Facebook

Contest Marketing Campaign Management

  • Contest innovation and proposal
  • Contest pre-launching management
  • Contest launch management
  • Contest social network promotion
  • Contest results analysis
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