Graphic Designer Test


This will be your examination before qualifying for the position of Graphic Designer. The importance of this is to gauge your art style, if you can properly conceptualize ideas into images, follow visual branding and if you’re able to understand and follow simple instructions.

Browse through the respective blogs and take note of their branding, what types of images they use, dominant colors, etc. and create 6 Images for the following ideas with these dimensions:

  • Width: 1024px
  • Height: 768px
  1. SEO Hacker - Why You Need SEO: Value, Growth, and Strategy
  2. Alcoline Blog - Filipino Alcoholic Drinks to Try
  3. UnlockBase - Is My Phone Unlocked? Here’s how to figure that one Out
  4. Minal Footwear - 8 Smart Tips for Your Next Beach Vacation
  5. Piton Global - 7 Reasons Why The Customer is Not Always Right
  6. Topbest - How to Protect Your Baby from Mosquito Bites

Software you’re allowed to use:
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator

You may use graphic resources like free vectors (i.e. Freepik, Vecteezy) or royalty free stock photos (i.e. Pexels, Unsplash) for this exam.

Please take note that speed is a must in this position. Create vectors from scratch at your own risk.

BONUS: This bonus test is just to test your guts, and your wit. Use this image here and make it into a respectable but still funny meme. This isn’t exactly a part of the exam, but if we like it, hey, plus points!


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