Journal Post by Austin (11/16/11)

“How Big is Your Long Tail?”

-Consists of three classifications: Fat Head, Chunky Middle, and Long Tail

-Long Tail presents the most opportunities, according to SEO Moz.

-The Long Tail is the broadest of the three competitions, containing concrete phrases typed in by searchers who are looking for something specific.

-Even though the Long Tail has the least competition and generates the least traffic, its searchers will have a deeper start down The Funnel, which heightens the chances of a sale.

-Keywords located within the Long Tail should not be ignored, and should be optimized as well.



-The first element that should be presented to a client is an analysis of the keywords associated with the client’s product or service.

-You can tell if the websites of competitors are search engine friendly by studying the website’s source code.

-Make sure that the potential client is made aware of the countless benefits and advantages of a website that is optimized.

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