Link Building Test

Dear Applicant,

This will be your qualifying examination for the position of Communications Associate (Link Building Specialist).

The importance of this test is to gauge your skill and proficiency in communication. Aside from that, this is also to pinpoint what areas are needed for improvement.

Open a blank document in Microsoft Word and do the following tests.

I. Persona Creation

Create a blogger/writer persona. Describe your persona based on their hobbies and personality.

A persona is a role or character adopted by an author. (Note: You may invent a fictional person or you may use yourself)

Persona sample:


Esther Diaz

     A 23-year-old graduate of graphic design, DIY enthusiast, make-up lover and has a love-hate relationship with desserts. I dream to be soon one of the known as influential blogger and writer.

Note: Please do not copy descriptions from the example. Photo is optional

II. Topic Formulation & Pitch

Imagine that you are a writer for this blog:

You want to contribute an article to (This process is called guest posting.)

Think of a topic that you think is fit to the site you are guest posting to (Search Engine Journal).

Create a pitch to the moderators of Search Engine Journal. Indicate the title of the article you want to contribute, and convince the him/her to accept your proposal. Also, indicate how your article would be beneficial to them and their readers. Take note that the title of the topic, what the topic is all about, and the convincing statement on why they should accept your proposal must be found in the pitch.

Feel free to be unique yet professional as possible in your email.

Note: Draft your pitch aligned with your persona.

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Good luck!