A Freelancer’s Guide to Coworking Spaces in the Philippines


The freelance industry is growing—no doubt because of the fact that it offers a more flexible option for job hunters everywhere. Essentially, it saves them from the 8-to-5 routine and the constricting atmosphere of an office job. Freelancers choose this industry to achieve that proper work-life balance that they are looking for. Although there are perks of doing your job at home, working at a coworking space in Manila can provide you more opportunities.

Before, coffee shops are the go-to workplace of freelancers or independent entrepreneurs. However, there are times when these cafes could become too overcrowded and boisterous for people to actually accomplish their tasks for the day. Imagine the pressure of chasing a deadline and you need all the focus you can get. Just as you are moving on to the key points of your presentation or output, rowdy laughter interrupts your train of thought.

That can be a bummer, right?

Coworking spaces in the Philippines are not exactly silent crypts, but you could be assured that only professionals will be staying in their premises, meaning they won’t be as loud as those people talking in the coffee shop.

For those who are wondering what else coworking spaces can bring to freelancers, then continue reading below. This article will be shedding more light on this topic.

Freelancing in the Philippines

Filipinos are determined, patient, and hardworking—all of these characteristics are what most employers are after. They laud after these work ethics to be displayed proudly in their offices. This is especially true in the freelance industry. Freelance job opportunities between foreign employers and local employees are not without fault. Sometimes it could only be for short time, although once done right, they could definitely become a lasting partnership, particularly if companies are left impressed with a certain individual’s outputs.

Most of the time, these freelancers are looking beyond a hefty paycheck. They are truly after career fulfillment, which they believe they would not be able to get in a regular 8-to-5 job.

Currently, there are many Filipino freelancers who are competing for a spot in the industry because of personal motivations. A number of them are considering many factors like time with their family as well as their commute to and from the corporate centers. More often than not, they also utilize the industry to pursue their real passion in life in the most flexible way they can.

Since we are on the subject of freelancing in the Philippines, we need to talk about how some job seekers are becoming freelancers due to the fact that there aren’t enough employment opportunities in the country. This means that there are a few employees who they decide that they would not settle for a job opportunity that will not fully utilize their potential or give them a fair compensation for their hard work. Knowing this, they prefer to work in an environment where they are free to choose whatever work they could get that falls under their chosen profession.

Freelancers offer benefits such as a flexible working time, bigger earnings, and the opportunity to expand capabilities and skills in their chosen industry. These things will be discussed further below.

Greater Opportunities

The country is home to a lot of homegrown talents. Combine that with the right attitude and solid work ethics, and employers will clamor over that job seeker. Unfortunately, the country does not offer opportunities that can be a great learning experience and a huge step in the career of an employer.

Growth is something that should be hard-earned but how can an employee work hard for it if there is no promise of that in the company. Proper compensation means a sufficient resource aligned with reasonable work hours. This is why there is a growing number of freelancers because, in the industry, there is a wide array of international clients that can pay well, can provide flexibility, and most importantly can offer growth opportunities.

Flexibility of Schedule

The main reason why job seekers flock to the freelance industry is because of the full control they can offer through their work schedules. Regular employees are restricted by the work routine with the pressure to clock-in and clock-out. This leads to the stress they might accumulate because of their attendance.

Worrying about the heavy traffic or their limited number of leaves causes employees to have a decline in their job performance. Freelancers are not burdened by this because they focus more on their work and not the time they spend in the Metro Manila traffic just to get to their workplace. It is also important to note that freelancers have independence in their methods to get the work done because they are unsupervised.

The flexibility of a freelancer’s schedule also means that they can choose where they want to work. They are not confined to the same office that is assigned to them. This is why coworking spaces in Manila are perfect for freelancers.

Better Work-Life Balance

By gaining control of their work schedule, freelancers could have a high possibility to balance their work and their life—which includes spending more quality time with their family, their circle of friends, and even their own selves. These people are then motivated to do their job well because they know the industry offers them a healthy work-life balance that they may not achieve in a regular office. Furthermore, they provide these people a suitable source of income that enables them to fulfill their responsibilities and pay their bills.

At the end of the day, freelancers get to have more time allocated to their families. On the other hand, young freelancers, who are yet to start their own family, can have a lively social life while doing something they are passionate about. Essentially, they can enjoy their independence without worrying too much about their income.

Bigger Earnings

Filipino freelancers have a lower asking price than their foreign counterparts in the freelance job market. This is why clients are drawn to them because they can give the same quality service for a practical fee. The international clientele of Filipino freelancers is capable of giving quality outputs at a lower price.

An example would be freelance writers who are getting paid $11-$15 per 500-word article. This means they have a monthly income of Php 23,000 per month for their workload of 10 articles in a 5-day shift. Advanced writers could turn in 3-4 articles per day and their lowest salary bracket would range from $3-$5 per article. They can still earn around Php 18,700 per month.

A freelance web designer can earn an average of $22 per hour and because Filipino freelancers typically work 34.2 hours per week, he or she could still earn up to $752.4.

Freelancing as a Business

What most freelancers fail to remember is that freelancing is not just a job description but it is a business where they market their services to their clients. The best way to do this is through inbound marketing where the clients’ needs come first and their delight is the reward you will achieve.

Having the right disposition to maintain a business requires a great location for you to focus on the solutions you will need to provide for your clients. It helps that you can have that extra help in the collaborative spirit of a workplace.

Creating your space in the freelancing industry means that you have to set up a foundation for your long-term success as a freelancer and build your personal brand. Just like any business, you have to invest a lot in it while accepting the risk of losses and the benefits of gains. The right way to market yourself is through digital marketing.

When you are settled in the personal branding of your business, start making your online presence known. Employ the help of SEO services or you can learn it on your own as there are dozens of tools that can help you get started. Building your digital portfolio should include the results you aim to deliver to your clients as well as the method you are going to incorporate to achieve that. Assure your clients that results will come forth with comfort and efficiency.

Innovative and productive work results are hard to come by, solidify this as your personal brand.

Freelancers in Coworking Spaces in Manila

Freelancers are the best people to make coworking spaces in Manila their niche. Working at home can be monotonous at times and you would want a change of scenery. The best part about this setup is there are no dragging meetings and no long commutes because these spaces are accessible; you also wouldn’t feel the pressure of maintaining a specific attendance.

Apart from that, you could look forward to these other benefits:

  • For a minimum fee, you can get free coffee and high-speed internet connection which will help you accomplish tasks easily.
  • You wouldn’t feel cramped like in a traditional workspace in a coworking space in Manila. Sure, working at home can be a dream but it can pose distractions for you as well. In a coworking space, you wouldn’t experience slow internet speed, interruptions from your housemates, or dealing with your own laziness.
  • In the Philippines, coworking spaces can be lively which is good for being productive. The presence of like-minded people driven by their passion to showcase their skills is infectious. You will be productive in no time.
  • Effective workspaces exist because the employee allows it to exist. In other words, an employee’s positive job performance could greatly affect the place where you are currently working in.
  • Another strong benefit of coworking spaces is the networking opportunities that it presents you. It could potentially help your career as a freelancer and present limitless possibilities for your business.
  • In a coworking space, you can have all the benefits with no inconvenience on your part. The space you rent takes care of all of the essentials: the infrastructure, utility bills, rental terms, etc.
  • These perks are just some of them; you would need to immerse yourself in the culture of it all to really see it for yourself. The growing numbers of coworking spaces in the Philippines could also prove how effective and beneficial they are to the many employees in the country.

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