SEO Hacker Journal by Vince (Jan. 20, 2014)


Chapter 2: Creating a Climate for Potential Leaders

In any organization, people have the potential to become leaders. However, if the atmosphere is not conducive to developing leaders, then people are most likely not going to be stimulated to succeed. One of the first things to establish in order to bring about change is momentum. It is a necessary ingredient in order to bring about positive climate growth. Without it, the environment or culture in an organization can become stagnant and so will the people in it.

Being a role-model leader is a given but that alone cannot stimulate the people around you to succeed. It is a must to focus on their potential, strengths, and desires. The best way to do this is to look into their qualities as leaders and find the right fit for them. A person who is too focused on moving up the ladder and not on improving one’s production and efficiency is not fit to become a leader.

Along with creating a climate for potential leaders, opportunities to grow should be bountiful. Be as specific as possible and do not rely on generic formulas as each person has his or her own style of doing things at work. It is important to cast as big a vision as possible in order for people to think outside the box and challenge the system, even if it is working well already. Some will want to maintain it while others will want to improve it even further. For me, both are essential since innovation isn’t easy in itself and will need time to foster.

Difficult decisions will have to be made along the way but these are necessary steps towards success. Sanctions will have to be given to ineffective and unproductive people and at worst, terminate them if necessary. It’s one of the hefty prices to pay to create a suitable climate for potential leaders to grow. Lastly, share what you know and have learned as a leader. As they say, experience is the best teacher but I disagree on that in certain cases. Imagine if you let everyone experience what you have experienced before they learn it. Assuming everyone overcomes them about the same time as you have, then there will be a lot of missed opportunities along the way. A truly conducive climate for potential leaders to grow is one where the vision for the future is grand without forgetting the realities of the present.