SEO Hacker Journal by Vince (Feb 10, 2014)


Chapter 3: Identifying Potential Leaders

Sometimes the most obvious of things can become invisible to the eye. When it comes to leadership, there is something that can be more difficult to do than being a leader and that is recognizing the abilities of others to lead.

One of the key elements is knowing who to select for your team. You don’t necessarily select the best of the best or the one who stands out the most. You should select the person who best fits the needs of your team. Let’s say that you already have a magnificent project manager, why should you hire another one for the same team if what you need is an exceptional specialist?

Some of the typical things one looks for in potential leaders are character, self-discipline, influence, excellent people skills, and a proven track record among others. Above all, a potential leader should be discontent with the current status quo. He/She has to have a vision that goes beyond the present circumstances and take calculated risks in order to exceed expectations.

Personally, I don’t believe that a leader has to necessarily be the “face” of the company. He/She can also be a co-leader with a supporting role. Leaders are still human after all and can commit mistakes so others who have the potential to become leaders, in their own right, must be willing to support the leader in front, from the back. By having a co-leader standing behind him and watching his/her back, the leader in front can truly be able to look and take steps, even leaps, forward towards their goals.