SEO Hacker Journal by Vince (March 16, 2014)


Chapter 4: Nurturing Potential Leaders

One of the most important tasks that leaders have is not to lead his/her team to do their tasks or jobs as best as they can but rather how to help them grow as future leaders. In short, a leader must learn how to nurture potential leaders.

One of the best ways to do that is by modeling. The key here is to assess the leadership models in existence, choose one that best fits you or inculcate the best aspects of various models and make your own. Among the models that you choose, there must be mentors who can guide you. Seek them out and learn as much as you can.

An undeniable factor in all of this is building trust with your team. This will never go old. There’s a saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, neither is trust. It’ll definitely take time to earn enough trust on both sides but as it grows, the whole nurturing process should become easier. Some of the ways to do this are by being transparent, offering your time, believing in your team, and giving encouragement. There are so many other aspects to consider but if you ask me, if there’s one word that covers it all, it’s SUPPORT.

Support can be given in so many ways and the kind of support you need to give as a leader will differ for each individual in your team. For me, the best way to execute this is to create a support system that will ensure mutual support from both sides of the fence. It’s a vague answer I know but the concrete steps would differ from one organization to the next. Personally, the biggest factor would be to ensure that there’s adequate financial support provided. Think about it, if a member of the team is unable to get what he/she deserves financially, then what’s the point of continuing to work? If an individual is unable to feel that he/she is getting adequate financial support, he/she will look for it elsewhere.

There are 3 things on top of my head that are critical for a team member to feel secure and motivated to work harder (and possibly become future leaders):

  • Good, Deserving Pay
  • Belief and trust in the growth of the company (and that he/she will absolutely feel and be a part of it)
  • Like/love or be passionate about what he/she is doing

If a leader is able to nurture his/her team along with those 3 things I just mentioned, then it’ll be all good in the ‘hood.