SEO Hacker Journal by Vince (March 30, 2014)


Chapter 6: Developing Potential Leaders

Now that the preparations in mentoring potential leaders is complete, it’s time for one of the most critical steps…developing potential leaders.┬áIt’s the culmination of everything that has been done thus far.

By now, a group of potential leaders has been selected and prepared for what is to come. Before proceeding, it is imperative to ask what motivates them, how do they plan on achieving it, and what is/are their reward/s upon achieving it. If the answer to the last question is beneficial for both parties, then we have a winner. It’s important to also listen to every idea no matter how crazy it is. They all have good potential but realistically, only some can be given action.

Personal growth is important. There’s no question there. Setting aside some time for it each day should be no biggie. Of course, I myself have difficulty doing this and I assume that most people also do. It’s a continual challenge I’ll tell you that. Anything new that learn must be digested as quickly as possible and applied in order to really say that one has learned it. It would be best if you have others to grow with you and be able to share what you’ve learned together.

In all of this, the biggest hurdle is not the first step…it’s the continuing steps. Growth is an ongoing process and people need to adapt to it. Experience is often said to be the best teacher. I believe it is a good teacher but not necessarily the best. Still, varied experiences are irreplaceable teachers. Hopefully, these experiences teach people the value in striving for excellence all the time. I believe that one can never achieve true perfection but its pursuit will always make someone better than before.

I also believe that reward power is always better than coercive power. If a person has a proven track record of meeting and especially if they are exceeding expectations, I see no reason why rewards cannot be given even in advance. For those that continue to err though, it is important to initiate confrontation in a gentlemanly manner. Act quickly on it and be direct but not too forceful about it. Positive confrontation is the key meaning if this is to be done, it should be for the betterment of everyone involved.

Decisions need to be made…easy and hard. In developing leaders, not everyone will live up to your expectations. Most will probably fall short. The hardest thing to do would be to leave them there but such is life. For me, even if one does not reach the pinnacle of their growth (which is to have the ability to take on any job including the development of other leaders), that person would still have contributed to the team and as long as the contributions outweigh the negatives, that’s enough for me.

One little thing you have to remember as a developer of leaders is their potential of surpassing you. I don’t mind that at all and in fact, I’ll be mighty proud if they do. Of course, I’d like to take recognition in that and I hope that my achievements in relation to that will not be forgotten too. No one wants to be relegated to the background just like that.