Welcome to SEO Hacker!

You submitted your resume, stepped into our office and have passed the initial interview. Congratulations!

Only a few handful ever make it to this stage. That means you have what it takes to be a full-fledged SEO Hacker. So let’s line out what it means for you to be working with us.

1) You have a general understanding of what SEO is about

2) You desire a career that enables you to be known on the internet

3) You want to work in a fun, light and output-based environment

4) You love being on the internet and can adapt quickly in new trends, tools and releases online

5) You are tech-savvy and have the essential skills to climb up to being a full-fledged SEO specialist

Sound good? Great!

Now that you’re an SEO Hacker, I want to show you your growth path. This is critical for you to know and understand because this is how you will reach your ultimate career goal of becoming an SEO Specialist.

1) Content Writer -> Blog Manager -> SEO Copywriter -> Digital Marketing Consultant

2) Linkbuilder -> Outreach Specialist -> Content Marketer -> Digital Marketing Consultant

3) Social Media Marketer -> Social Media Analyst -> Social Media Manager

4) Web Developer -> User Experience Analyst -> Technical SEO Specialist -> Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist

5) Graphic Designer -> Web Designer -> User Experience Designer

Looks a bit linear doesn’t it? The truth is, this is just an extremely simplified chart to career growth in SEO Hacker. There have been histories of people shifting to another specialization and that’s fine. We want you to find the best fit of your passion to your work.

Before we move on any further, I want you to know our team’s Creed.

If you don’t know what a creed means, this is it: “a set of beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions.”







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