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SEO Hacker is one of the foremost SEO services company in the Philippines. The services we provide are achieved with one hundred percent white-hat techniques and quality linkbuilding strategies.

Number OneSEO Services Company

SEO Hacker is primarily an SEO and internet marketing company. We do not do web development nor web design. We focus mainly on SEO and Social network marketing unlike other one-stop-shop digital companies.

The good thing about primarily being an SEO services company is that we are always up to date with the cutting-edge techniques and strategies that work in the SEO industry today. We did not start out as a company servicing web design and development – we started out servicing companies on SEO and internet marketing! We hit the ground running. SEO is our forte. You don’t need to worry if you are going to rank on first page because we GUARANTEE it!

SEO Consultation

We give free SEO consultation to all our clients. Not only that, we make sure that all of our clients are knowledgable with what SEO is and how we improve the company’s searchability and search engine presence by holding seminars and consulting sessions with the employees involved.

SEO Hacker makes sure that its clients know what’s happening with their SEO and web presence

Brand Priority

SEO Hacker makes sure that your brand is top priority. All practices secures our client’s brand name. Not only that, we implement techniques and methods where the brand name will generate positive buzz in necessary websites where the target market of our client is.

SEO Specialization

The SEO Hacker team is comprised of individuals with unique specializations. We make sure that our fields of expertise mix and blend in all projects and campaigns for our clients. We also develop each other with our specializations so that our effectivity and efficiency as a team will constantly increase for the benefit of our clients.

SEO specialists in SEO Hacker are well filtered and chosen by the company. We hire only the best so that you can have only the best!

Search Engine Visibility

We make sure that we thoroughly study the search engines and how they work. This is so we consistently innovate ways and techniques in order for our clients to rank best. How much we know the search engines determines how high we can rank your website in them.

SEO Hacker provides only the BEST QUALITY service for SEO and Internet Marketing. The SEO Hacker team has everything you need in order for you to jump start your business website – from design, layout, content and videos, to Online Reputation Management, to SEO, marketing, advertising, copywriting and much, much more. Our packages list can be found here.

SEO Hacker is based in Manila, Philippines. Interested local parties are highly encouraged to arrange for a face-to-face meet-up with SEO Hacker owner and Specialist, Sean Si. You can Contact us Here



Sean Patrick Si

SEO Hacker Manager and SEO Specialist

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