SEO Specialist Test

Hello Applicant,

This examination serves as a way for us to gauge your skills for the position of SEO Specialist. We hope to see your strengths and weaknesses here and, should you pass the test, improve them during your stay with us in the company.

That said, please perform the following tasks:

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Write an article about anything you’re passionate about.
    - Write in American English; observing proper spelling, grammar, and formatting.
    - Word count is 350 words minimum, 1000 maximum.
    - Present facts and cite your sources.
    - Strictly no plagiarism.
    - Use Microsoft Word and send your work in with this filename format:
    • Full Name – Date – Title.docx
    • Ex: John Doe Smith – 10-10-2017 – Everything You Need to Know About Gardening

  2. Answer the following questions succinctly.
    1. What do PA and DA stand for?
    2. Your site’s rankings are dropping. What do you do?
    3. What is a meta description & where can you find it in the SERPs?
    4. Cite a Google Algorithm & explain it.
    5. What makes for a good keyword?
    6. Does a site need AMP?
    7. Explain broad match, phrase match, and exact keywords.
    8. Give an example of a clean URL.
    9. How would you increase your site’s rankings? Expound.

  3. Rate your knowledge of the following topics from 1-10:
    1. Wordpress:
    2. Content Writing:
    3. Mastery of the English Language:
    4. Google Analytics:
    5. Google Search Console:
    6. Basic SEO:

  4. Do you have any comments/anything to say?

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That’s it – thank you for your participation. Good luck.