SEOhacker Journal Entry by Mariz (04/25/2012)

I learned a lot everyday, and today I’m still working on my grammar. These are some of the things I learned and starting now I’ll be practicing…

>Grammatical correction.

>law of grammar (more about correct usage of adjectives and words for plurals and singulars)

>Creating proposal (Its outline and content must be professional, understandable, and English grammar should always be educated looking)

>In creating proposal I must place myself as the user of the client’s website for me to know more about it and suggest more improvements on it and for the company as well. I also must place myself into a designer perception when it comes to criticizing a website or page design.

>The pagerank is for measuring backlinks and alexarank is for the traffic of the website.

>visitors must have reason to keep coming back to a website.

>Keywords are important for the blogs or articles to be more searchable or gain more backlinks.

>social networks are helpful to garner more traffic to the website.

>most of all, I am part of a team–Dream Team to be specific–and  I have to play accordingly, so that the team play or goal will happen.

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