SEOhacker Journal Entry by Vince (11/21/2011)

November 22, 2011

I. Digital Marketing
– B2B rely more on SEO services while B2C rely on social media to reach their target audience

II. Conversion Rate Optimization
– A/B Testing (aka Split Testing) = 1st create a landing page and everything in it…then create a “B” page similar to first page but with tweaking to test click through rate and funnel. GOAL: Highest click through rate…can consume one or more full time equivalent (FTE)
– Copywriting = write-up to sell ex. NIKE – “just do it”
– User Behavior = what clicks were linked, how long did he stay, etc.
– Design Optimization = part of a/b testing
– Surveys = ask them
– Landing Page Optimization = where you make your sales talk
– Follow-up Questions = related to survey…what would make you buy/stay?
– funnel tracking = land on landing page then “make” the user compelled to click on that link in order to generate more sales
Success: SALE (B2C) Lead Generation (B2B)

– keyword research and opt.
– keyword application
– linkbuilding
– social signals
Success: Brand marketing via SERP ranking

CRO is the next step of SEO

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