SEOHacker Journal by Kyle (November 17, 2011)

I. Marketing your market

1. Good content creator

2. Good marketer
II. GREAT CONTENT – Investment

A.) Credibility – You must have Credibility. Services / Authority
B.) Real effort – Invest your content
C.) Actionable – Directly applicable info / knowledge

III. Makes way for easier marketing
A.) Reach out to people – Relationship
B.) Time your launch – Pre-launch
C.) Have a Promotional Plan – After you luanch, take advantage of other terms
D.) Post it to someone else – Guest Posting / attract other audiences for a wider reach

“Content is King” – It always starts with content in you are after authority ( BUT IT ISN’T ENOUGH )
Copyblogger – Can sell you anything

IV. Copyblogger ( Brian Clark ) 2000 – 2008 ( breaktrhough / became famous )
-Website for copywriters
-Content creation
-Article Marketing

-Scribe SEO made easy
-Premise Landing Pages
-Genesis Theme –
-Internet marketing 101
-SEO 101 Course

Sean’s reasons why to buy:
1.) NEED
2.)  Authority / Trust – Personality – Products
3.) FAN


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