SEOhacker Journal by Vince (November 18, 2011)

November 18, 2011

I. On-site SEO

A. Keywords/Metatags – not all about keywords
1. Two categories
a. How humans see it
– article = makes sense?
– design = appealing?
– words = engaging?
– social buttons = available?
– usability = actionable?
b. How search engines see it
– code = friendly? (w3c standard), crawlable (robots.txt)?
– content = thin/thick?
– no. of retweets, likes, +1’s
– sitemap = available?
– too many ads?
c. Nitty gritty details used by SEO
* do you use h1 tags?
proper title? – searchable?
images appealing?
keywords in upper body?
interlinked and relevant pages?

* Google measures the quality of content through
– time on site
– # of pages visited
– heat mapping = Google sees which part of the content on the page is most read by visitors
– user engagement (comment, bookmark, link, share)
– tools used: chrome, toolbar for SEO, google analytics

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