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The Site Design Optimization package is for those businesses with existing sites that they would want to improve. There are so many existing websites in the web that have long been forsaken. The internet is booming and a lot of people are going to the net for information on things they want to buy, services they want to purchase, ideas they want to adopt, and a lot more stuff.

You know as well as I that we are moving towards the internet, whether it be business, information, entertainment, friends, even the church! If you are left out, you won’t lose anything but you will definitely miss out on all of the opportunities YOU COULD HAVE HAD!

Site Design Optimization package modernizes and updates your website in order for it to look, feel and be a website that people would want to keep coming back to.

I would HIGHLY recommend that you purchase this package with at least the Basic SEO Package for increased web traffic therefore increased advertising and consequently increased sales.


Logo improvement

  • Logo animation
  • Logo Re-design (Optional)

Flash animation creation and design

  • Redesign and animation of your older pictures
  • Redesign and animation of your new pictures

Banner creation and design

  • 2 Static Banners
  • 2 Dynamic Banners

Website layout improvement, creation and design

  • Pre-designed customizable layout of your choice
  • Simple, user-friendly navigation

CSS creation and design

  • Customized Custom Style Sheet
  • Visually pleasing theme
  • Easily identifiable links
  • Reader-friendly texts


  • Your content should be ready and complete and should be given on or before the project’s start date
  • Preferred pictures should be given on or before the project’s start date
  • Only 3 revisions allowed
  • Primary deposit of half the negotiated price
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