Social Media Test

Dear Applicant,

This test is divided into 3 parts and will determine your copywriting ability and image creation skill.

Open a blank document on Microsoft Word; you will write your answers to the following questions and tasks there.

Part 1

Create a social media caption/copy each from the blog entry/product description below.

  1. When it comes to buying a car that suits your needs, especially that of your family’s, it’s important to assess the vehicle’s overall quality. Cars in the Philippines, like a Toyota Vios or other Toyota models, can be assessed in many ways. In fact, there are really only two kinds of cars you’ll need to consider: SUVs and Sedans. With regards to the latter, it’s safe to say that it is an ideal choice of car for most people. If you’re the type to worry about convenience over size, then Sedans are most probably for you.

  2. Today’s customers are well-informed, research-oriented, teach-savvy, multiexperienced, and tend to be self-reliant and independent. They’ve probably already tried to solve the problem on their own, so when they come to you for help, you can be sure it’s not a simple question.
    That’s why you need experts and professional who are skilled and trained to handle a wide range of customer queries. Our helpdesk services include:

    *Tier 1 Transactional Service
    *Tier 2-3 Transactional Services
    *Order Management
    *Delivery/Distribution Transactional Management

    SPi CRM consistently delivers value-added solutions that enhance performance and boost quality. These easily translate into successful and long-standing partnerships. Gain additional insight on how we can take charge of your business and outsourcing needs.

Part 2:

Create an image based on the caption below:

"Jump start your career at a company that can give you autonomy and the support you need for increasing your skills! Do not be content with the status quo; continue to strive for improvement and you'll see that you are the executive in your career!"

Part 3:

Answer the following questions:

  1. The place on Facebook where you can leave public messages for your friends is called?

  2. You are the administrator of a Facebook group, what is the maximum number of members you can have in your group if you want to send a mass message to the entire group.
    a. 500
    b. 1,000
    c. 5,000
    d. 10,000
    e. 50,000

  3. What is Youtube’s Slogan?
    a. Broadcast Yourself
    b. Just Video It
    c. Think Different
    d. Anytime Video
    e. IVideo

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