Software Engineer Test

Hello adventurer!

Being on the road to a great software engineer requires you to be able to wield different languages at your disposal and execute them well. While not being necessarily expert on all, it is expected you are extremely versed to one and have a great sense of logic on how to solve problems.

So there will be 4 different tests in this exam: PHP, Javascript, Ruby and Python. Select three out of the four to present in a url.

So, without further ado here are the steps for your trial software, ninja:

Note: Find a method wherein you can present us your running application, a free Heroku account definitely fits this step.


  1. Create a PHP application that can present the twitter feed of the user via input on a textbox.
  2. Make sure that the option to retweet or reply to the post is up and working

Note: Plus points if you can present this with visual aesthetics.

Javascript (Node.js and React Native)

  1. Create a React Native mobile app that puts all the recent posts of into mobile application format.
  2. Only front page and the posts will be necessary to present :)

Note: Plus points if you could do the pages too.


  1. Create an application that would try to guess the number I am thinking in the least possible steps. Place a result in the end on how many guesses it has made.


  1. Create an application where I would guess the number that has been generated. Place a result in the end on how many guesses I have made.

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Good Luck!