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10 Must Know SEO Tips For Business Bloggers


An increasing number of businesses are starting to use a blog to help with their marketing. Not only does a blog expand your audience, but it can also establish you as an expert in your field, drive traffic towards your website, and help open the doors of communication between yourself and your audience. None of these features could be seen as disadvantages for a business – they’re all hugely desirable outcomes of a blog, and could really help your business achieve its goals and fulfil its maximum potential. Unfortunately, simply starting a blog isn’t quite enough of a step to fully realize your possible success – instead it requires some serious commitment and know-how. The tips in this post will help fuel your SEO, in turn improving your ranking with search engines, and driving traffic towards your site.

1.      Be Mobile Friendly

One aspect of working online that can’t be overestimated or overstated is the fact that a significant proportion of people who could read your blog post will be using mobile devices. People are constantly scrolling though their phones while they’re commuting, while they’re on a break, or while they’re watching TV. One of the last things you want to do is make your blog unavailable to potential clients and customers. Mobile responsiveness is looked at by search engine algorithms, so you will see a decline if your site isn’t mobile friendly. It’s something that should be checked right away – and if your site isn’t currently mobile friendly, it should be a priority to make it so.



2.      Make Sure You Write Well

A site that is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors will not rank well, and you could also find yourself losing clients by dozen. Sloppy writing is unprofessional, and for many people it’s unacceptable – they don’t want to engage in business with someone who appears incompetent. While not everyone is a natural born writer, it is easy enough to pick up some tips and tricks. Some great guides to writing are available with Australian Help, and if you’re going to be writing full-time, then you may want to look into taking a formal class, such as those offered by Academized. One important factor to consider is that search engines tend to find 2000 words the most appealing length of article – so make sure you’re numbers are fueling your SEO with Easy Word Count.

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3.      Use Online Resources For Professional Services

If you’re not confident with writing, or simply don’t have enough time to post regularly or check all of your work, then you may want to consider hiring an expert. Several websites provide such services, some of which are home to freelancers that you can interact with and interview for a more personal touch, such as Upwork or Freelancer. Other services are quick and efficient, where you simply select the service you want, and it will be handed to an expert, as is the case with Big Assignments, which specializes in writing and editing services, and Scripted, which deals with business marketing. Any of these websites could ease the burden of adding a blog to the growing list of tasks most business people face, either by writing or editing the content.

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4.      Focus On Your Key Words

It’s been proved that focusing on one or two key words is a much more effective way to improve your SEO than by trying to include multiple words and phrases into every post. Search engines are now aware of the practice of ‘stuffing’ content with key words in order to improve ranking, and now look for more authentic content that is actually relevant. Use your key words to improve your ranking and stay on message for every post.


5.      Know Where To Place Your Keywords

While using key words organically throughout the text may be better for the reader, there are several key places for key words within your post. Specifically, they should be in your headline, in subsequent sub-headings, and within the first hundred words of your text. Key words should also be included in Meta, and it can be a huge bonus if your keyword is linked, either internally or externally.


6.      Recognize That Speed Matters

The internet is home to very short attention spans, so it is vital that your page loads quickly. This may require making some changes to images or background content, but these changes are worthwhile, as very few people wait for more than a few seconds for a page to load.

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7.      A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Pictures make your blog visibly appealing to the reader – but are also an important area for SEO. Don’t forget that some people may be making searches through Google Images, and that your image could appear there, as long as you have described it through alt text.


8.      Limit Your Topic Tags

Much like keywords, search engines are now put off by too many topic tags. It can appear like you’re using irrelevant tags for your work, which search engines do not like, or as if you’re duplicating content, which search engines also do not like. Using no more than 25 tags is ideal, and avoid using any that are too similar to each other.



9.      Use Internal Links

Search engines go through your content, and finding links improves your ranking as it shows that your post is researched, and appears authoritative. These links may be external to other sites, but a great way to build structure and keep people engaged with you and your business for longer is to link internally. This also improves SEO.


10. The Headline Matters

Even with so much focus on producing high-quality and engaging content, it’s an inescapable fact that you need a catchy headline, which ideally also includes your key word. SEO will look for your key word, while being catchy will increase your clicks – and the more people who read your article, the higher you will rank with search engines.

Achieving success with a business blog is not easy, and it requires a lot of patience to see results. However, following these tips for SEO can help boost your online profile, and help drive traffic towards your business.


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