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10 Useful SEO Tips for your Website 2016

Top 10 SEO Tips for your business web 2016

SEO in 2016 is excessively complex for beginners so they should need to follow few best SEO Tips and Tricks that will support their Website ranking better in present day Search Engines. As a common question I get requested that how to maximise your chances of getting to the highest point of Google’s organic search results pages with another site. While there isn’t a one size fits all methodology, here are SEO Tips 2016 for Websites for guaranteeing solid ranking in Google and other web search engines.

1. Focus on the user experience

That is the most essential thing that an advertiser can accomplish for SEO in 2016. Your content must be unique and focused to your audience.

“Google, at this moment, is rolling out 500 algorithm improvements a year,” Laetsch says. “Each change is centered around ensuring that when somebody seeks on Google, in the event that they get the right result on the initial few pages, they have an awesome experience. It’s not, ‘How am I going to change the engine or trap Google, Bing or Yahoo?’ It’s the means by which you ensure that your content is the most ideal content on the Internet for the words that you think about.”

To enhance your site performance, over the long run, utilizing user engagement as an element, you might need to utilize devices to pick up knowledge on the amount of connection your site pages is getting from visitors.

2. Optimize website for mobile

The mobile market sector is enormous. So huge, truth be told, that Google is as yet making sense of how to provide mobile users with a superior inquiry experience. Users can get to your site from anyplace on the world utilizing cell phones. This will make your site more available by users.

Optimize website for mobile

Your site needs to be clear and simple to use for people accessing it using smartphones and tablets. Website proprietors are urged to create mobile or responsive designs to build the website’s increasing speed on mobiles. A faster loading website implies more opportunities to hold visitors. Test your website has a mobile-friendly design.

Mobile just arrangements and special promotions can hold individuals returning to your deceived out responsive design site. Your first move in 2016 ought to be to make the most ideal mobile experience for your planned clients.

3. Using unique images (With Alt Tags)

Attrative and unique images on websites always attract visitor attention. Include a page’s target keyword phrase, or variations of it, in the file names and img alt tags of the images on that page.

Yes, the images you use do affect your SEO.

  • Add your targeted keywords in Alt tag of the images. Same as your title tag should be short, catchy and concise
  • Google really recommends to utilize exceptionally engaged, point by point file names, for example: rubber-manufacture-in-ohio
  • It is likewise important to utilize the right file type for your pictures so as to keep the most astounding quality with the littlest size conceivable.
  • If your website’s speed could utilize some improvement try reducing your file sizes. You can do this by resizing and packing the picture with an internet compressing tools.

4. Local SEO to Become Even More Important

Local search is such an awesome tool for SEO and smaller business’s I think its great that it’s the latest strategy and driving the most traffic. Even you can also increase customer engagement.

Local SEO to Become Even More Important

  • Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within a day. (Source:
  • More than 60% consumers have used local information in ads. (Source:
  • 50% mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results. (Source:

As the best SEO tip for 2016, local keyword optimization, increase the social media presence, register in good quality local business directories and use the advantage of voice search.

5. Optimize for rich answers

Rich answer appear above the top organic search results. This included snippet is a piece of Google’s Rich Answer Box, which has been around a while, yet is presently turning out to be more noticeable for quick answers, event listings, recipes, maps, and more. Getting your content highlighted in Google’s Rich Answer Box is prone to end up progressively essential moving forward. You need to follow few Google’s Rich Answer Box ways to optimize your content to help it rank in “position zero”.

Optimize for rich answers

6. User-friendly Content

Content is king!!

Write content not only for search engines but also for users. Webpages with fresh content improve your search rankings tremendously. So concentrate on creating fresh and quality content that you can and promote it across all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Great quality remarkable content is the thing that users came to search down and it will help in expanding search result position in search engine. And this is true that if you want to see success in 2016, it is fundamental to make great, unique user friendly content for your site.

7. Proper heading tags Still matter

The other critical seo element is header tags. The header title, or the <h1> tag in HTML, will more often than not be the title of a page or blog entry, or other stressed content on the page. It will for the most part be the biggest content on that page. Include variations of your target keyword phrases in a page’s tags.

There are other header tags in HTML such a h2, h3, h4, etc. Each can have a lesser level of significance on the page, however it truly depends on upon how your web developer composed your website format.

Points to remember for good header tag are:

  • Don’t use more than one h1 tag on a single webpage.
  • H1 tag should contain the most important keyword for that webpage.

8. Internal and External Linking

Building an user-friendly website architecture with interior links will guide readers to more places on your website, expanding click rates and as well as build your reputation as an engaging website. You can also engage users with proper inter linking. Remember that permitting your readers to post handfuls or several links to your site will quickly turn off your readers and transform your website into a conceivable link farm which would get you penalized via web crawlers.

Numerous top SEOs concur that finding external links is the absolute most important goal of accomplishing high rankings. By linking to quality assets that help your visitors, you can improve your reputation with clients and web crawlers. When you have few to no outbound links, the web indexes might consider your website to be a mediocre asset.

9. Add a blog to your website

Doing so makes it quick and simple to add new pages of content to your site. This is the best option to make your website updated. One of the principal things little entrepreneurs get some answers concerning while inquiring about SEO are blogs. What tends to help with SEO are all the secondary things a blog does for you that you might not even be thinking about. A well-designed blog facilitates SEO best practices.

10. Maximise your website’s loading speed

A faster loading site means more chances to retain visitors. Presently, numerous years after the organization started to perfect its search algorithms, site loading speed has gotten to be one of the greatest determinants of your site’s quality and ranking position.

A study found that:

  • 47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.
  • 40% will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load.
  • 52% of online shoppers say quick page loads are important for their loyalty to a site.

Use Google’s site speed tool and implement the recommendations that they give you.

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