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4 Exit Intent Practices that Will Boost Ecommerce Revenue

4 Exit Intent Practices that Will Boost Ecommerce Revenue

An exit-intent popup appears when a visitor is about to leave your website. Often, the goal is to get the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter or email list. Therefore, if they didn’t make a purchase on this visit, you can notify them of deals in the future that may interest them.

The exit-intent popup frequently contains an appealing offer that visitors can’t resist. E-commerce stores will often use a discount, free shipping or a gift in their popups. However, it could be a free ebook, training course, or another resource that you think may be helpful to your website visitors.

The popup gets triggered as a visitor moves their mouse up to either close the tab or the browser window.

Exit-intent popups have high conversion rates. They have been known to get up to 35% of visitors to sign up.

There are four best practices to follow when creating exit-intent popups that will boost your signups. 

Bold and Short Messages with a Clear Benefit

Don’t try to pack too much information into your popup. These popups show up as the visitor is just about to leave your website. You don’t want to overwhelm them with even more information. They don’t have time to read a long proposal.     

Keep it simple. Get straight to your offer.

Select an offer that is easy to express and offers a benefit for the visitor.

If you are unsure of what to offer, go with some of the tried and true exit-intent popup offers in your industry. Some things that tend to work well are free shipping, a trial period, new awesome content (ebook or guide), a pdf checklist or discount.      

For e-commerce stores, offering visitors a discount is a wonderful way to turn that prospect into a lead. It encourages shoppers to go through with a purchase that they may have been uncertain about. A discount can seal the deal especially if there is a limited time offer on it. Many people have a fear of missing out and are prompted by deadlines.

Leaving Already

Make sure that the benefit is clear. In the example above, instead of using the “subscribe” button, they chose to highlight the customer’s benefit. “GET $10 COUPON” is much more convincing to your visitors.

Free shipping is very enticing to customers. In fact, high shipping costs are the number 1 reason why people abandon their carts at checkout.

Using an exit-intent popup with free shipping can address this customer concern. This can lower your cart abandonment rate and grow your list at the same time.  A popup with a free shipping offer is ideal for e-commerce businesses with a high cart abandonment rate.

Don’t Request Too Much Information

People are already a bit hesitant to give out their email address. They don’t want to offer up a ton of personal information. Your conversion rate will drastically decrease if you ask for 5 or 10 fields.

Only request as much information as you absolutely need. This will most likely be email and first name. For regular forms, it can be nice to have their birthdate, but it is not appropriate in exit-intent popups.

As the visitor is about to leave, you want to entice them a bit into staying. Asking for too much information when they feel like they are done with your site may just upset them. Remember, your goal is to convert them.

Popup Design

The exit-intent popup is your last chance to convert your visitors before they leave your website. It can leave a lasting impression. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the website design matches the pop-up design.

Most people are extremely visual. For that reason, adding an image is a great idea. It makes the popup more interesting and draws attention to it.

Sign up and Save

Images are processed more quickly by the brain that text. Therefore, your images should always support the product and message on your page.

As you create your popups, you may want to test out different sizes. You don’t want your popup to be too large or too small.

When popups are too big, they tend to seem too “spammy.” However, if they are too small, they can be difficult to read.

Use Gamification

Gamification strategies in marketing can lead to a 100% to 150% increase in engagement metrics. Gamification is fun and speaks to our competitive nature.

For example, a good Wheel of Fortune popup can be an effective use of gamification. Customers can spin the “wheel” to earn a discount.

The Wheel of Fortune interactive popup has been tested and shown to collect up to 3 times more leads than the regular popup forms. People love to play games!


Examples of Exit-Intent Popups

We’ve put together some examples of great exit-intent popups to give you some extra inspiration.

  1. Avanchy

This follows the first three best practices. You see an image that draws your attention, they state that you will receive 15% for joining their savings club.


  1. Gold by Glow

Gold by Glow keeps it simple by only asking for your email. They offer free shipping in exchange for the email.

Gold By Glow

  1. Ineffable Watches

Ineffable watches offer a free gift in exchange for an email and a purchase. This is a great example of how to prompt customers to make a purchase.

Ineffable Watches

  1. Olive and Pepper

Olive and Pepper offer you 10% off in exchange for your email.

Olive and Pepper

  1. PS Seasoning

PS Seasoning draws your attention into their offer with 3 different spices. The discount is listed in the first sentence. They put it in bold to ensure that you see it.

PS Seasoning

  1. Zodey’s

Zodeys is a great example of using gamification. You must enter your email to play, but they do let you know that you could win a prize!


Implementing these exit-intent popups can greatly boost your e-commerce revenue. The grab the visitor’s attention just as the potential customer was losing interest and offer something irresistible to them. This builds trust and loyalty towards your brand.

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