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5 Digital Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore (And How to Prepare For Them)


Technology has evolved to create a world where consumers are being presented with new products, services, and offers at every turn. The sheer amount of information is staggering, and the competition is fierce. This has in turn given rise to new trends that are helping marketers cut through the noise.

Today we’re going to look at five major digital marketing trends that are quickly taking center stage. Understanding these trends is only the first step, however. You’ll also need to take action now, to stay ahead of the curve.


5 Major Trends in Digital Marketing (And How to Adapt Today)

Instead of grabbing at straws and trying to find the secret ingredient for your digital marketing, take a look at these five trends and how you can change your tactics to meet them head on today.


1. Mobile Responsive Design is a Must

The latest data on internet usage is showing that not only are people using mobile devices, but they are using them more than every other device that connects to the internet! Take a look at this  chart below:



This is just one of countless statistics that show why you need a mobile responsive website.


How do you adapt to this trend?

A responsive design allows your website to respond to the size of the screen based on the device being used to access it. There are several ways to do this, but you should start by considering two basic options:

1. A Mobile Responsive Theme

The simplest answer to the question above is to employ one of the many blogging tools WordPress offers in the form of a theme that is already responsive. There are plenty of themes to choose from that fit this category. You won’t need to do any coding here.


2. Do it Yourself (The DIY Method)

If you’re feeling savvy, you can also create a responsive design yourself. This method requires more technical experience, but allows you to modify your current site instead of going through the hassle of changing themes.


2. Snapchat Offers Unique Advertising Opportunities

In terms of social media, Snapchat began as a means of creating ephemeral content that would purposefully disappear after a certain amount of time. That basic premise has changed somewhat, but the idea is still there.

Many businesses have yet to fully embrace the app, but that’s changing in 2016. A great example of how it’s been used in the past was when the World Wildlife Fund used the app’s fading content feature to show how quickly animal species were going extinct.

Since content on Snapchat is only around for a set time before it’s gone forever, this was a powerful use of that feature.


How Can You Start Using Snapchat?

Any kind of social media contest or promotion that, by its very nature is fleeting, would be perfect for Snapchat. It instantly creates the sense of urgency that pushes customers to take action.


3. Live Video Streaming Takes Center Stage




Video content in general is on the rise, but specifically we’ve seen a jump in the popularity of live content. The level of engagement with this kind of video is staggering. There are apps for this like Periscope and Meerkat, but now Facebook has entered the game with Facebook Live.

Unlike other apps, Facebook Live allows you to keep the video after the stream, offering more long-term value. Of course, setting up a live video isn’t easy, so the big question is this:

How does this benefit digital marketers?

Facebook Live is now available for any verified profile. If you still need your approval, you can start the process today.

This widespread availability makes it an easy tool to harness for your business. Whether you’re hosting Q&A sessions or a webinar, you now have a platform with limitless reach.


4. Harness The Power of User Generated Content

Word of mouth has always been a viable way to spread your brand, but what if you could take those experiences and make them into content? It’s not only possible, but it’s happening right now.

Customers who have a positive experience almost always tell their friends, so why have that experience shared with others as well? By using social media platforms you can market this type of content to your entire user base.


Here’s a perfect example:


If you want to start producing user generated content, look to other examples like Microsoft’s #MakeItHappen campaign. This brilliant piece of digital marketing helped 31 people realize their New Year’s resolutions. They did so with a bit of assistance and the use of their new Lumia smartphone branded with Windows 10.

The stories were remarkable and those stories represented golden content for their digital marketing efforts. Take your customer’s experiences and tell a similar story.


5. Search and eCommerce Head to Social Media

While Google has long been king of search, Facebook has decided to move into the world of search engines. It’s not hard to understand why when you look at these statistics they provided

  1. 600 million searches on FB per month.
  2. 1 terabyte of in-memory data.
  3. Average search time of less than 100ms.

The most used people search engine on the internet.

Improvements to this are aimed at being able to find more than just people. You will also be able to find brands and products, with the ability to purchase them in Facebook messenger.

How should marketers prepare?

Treat your pages like you would a website or blog post and optimize it for this upcoming search engine improvement. In addition, position your FB page as a place to conduct customer service, thereby adding a new level of engagement.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is evolving each and every day. As marketers, must be able to evolve and adapt alongside it. Utilize these trends and opportunities and let us know how you’ve changed your tactics in the comments below!

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