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5 Non-Traditional Hacks to Improve SEO for eCommerce Website

5 Non-Traditional Hacks to Improve SEO for eCommerce Website

Are you going to launch a responsive eCommerce website you’ve been working at for a long time? Perhaps, you’ve put your entire heart into its creation. At last here it is: visually appealing, easy to navigate, packed with high-quality goods.

In a word, a real masterpiece you’re proud of. However, now you’re facing a new challenge. You have to find ways to attract online customers. So, it’s high time to think of SEO for an eCommerce website.

The Importance of SEO for eCommerce Website

It’s a common fact that nowadays people mostly rely on search engines while making purchasing decisions. The eMarketer survey shows that 80% of customers use a search engine to find a product or service they need. As a rule, few of them go farther than the third page of the results. Therefore, if your eCommerce website fails to appear on the top, there’s almost no chance to attract new customers via search.

SEO for an eCommerce website is a proven and cost-effective way of gaining new customers and increasing sales. Besides, the effects of properly done SEO are long-lasting, which makes it an indispensable helper in digital marketing.

Non-Traditional Hacks to Improve SEO for eCommerce Website

Hope now you understand the vital importance of SEO for eCommerce website and are eager to focus on it. If so, keep on reading. We’ll gladly share several effective techniques that really work. Frankly speaking, they are not quite usual ones. They’ll definitely require some of your precious time and effort. Nevertheless, they will considerably improve SEO for eCommerce website.

Carefully Analyze Your Competitors’ eCommerce Websites

Perhaps, nowadays there’s hardly a single business field without tough competition. Whatever products you’re going to sell, there are brands whose online stores already rank high in SERPs. So, why don’t learn how to improve SEO for eCommerce website from them?

To begin with, you are to find out who your strongest competitors are. It’s quite simple to do it using a common Google search. Imagine you’re selling women’s jewelry. Type “women’s jewelry” into the search box. As soon as you get the results, ignore the paid ads and concentrate on the websites right under them.


As you see, the top competitors are and

Next, take the advantage of online tools, for instance, SpyFu. This tool will help you to expose the secret search marketing formula of your competitors in no time. In fact, everything you have to do is just insert their website URL into the search box. Let’s reveal the secrets of popularity. We insert their URL and click the enter button on our keyboard. And voila, here’s a bunch of data on SEO for an eCommerce website to explore.


Firstly, you can see their top organic keywords with SEO clicks per month. Secondly, you can study the organic ranking history of each keyword. Thirdly, you can find out the backlinks that help your competitor rank on specific keywords.

Take time to carefully examine all the data. Then don’t hesitate to make use of it for optimizing your web pages to rank higher.

Take the Advantage of Blogging


Did you know that the length of the content is able to influence SEO for an eCommerce website? According to Backlinko Study, publishing 1000+ word content helps achieve better rankings. Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to accumulate long high-quality content to describe a food item or a black dress. Moreover, scarcely will anyone read 1000+ words about them. Nevertheless, there is a way. It’s a blog page on your eCommerce website.

Believe it isn’t too hard to write a post whatever your product is. For example, selling women’s clothes you can write about the latest fashion tendencies or tips on choosing appropriate accessories. Writing such articles not only provides your eCommerce website with the long content necessary for ranking. It also gives you an opportunity to implement your keywords alongside with generic ones for your field. What’s more, your blog articles enable you to link to various items your store offers.

Partner with Influencers


It’s not a secret that any business niche has its own influencers. They are the people with a large following and a website with a high domain authority.

Probably, you’ve heard about influencer marketing. According to the survey, 84% of business owners utilize influencer marketing campaign tactics. Furthermore, 81% are quite satisfied with their results.

In fact, teaming up with influencers to improve SEO for eCommerce website resembles influencer marketing. The difference is that you don’t need an influencer to share your products on social media. Your purpose is to get him to link back to your eCommerce website from his website, for example, in a blog post. So, how can you make this idea work?


To start with, find a proper influencer. Though he should represent your business niche, he shouldn’t be competing with you directly. Use a Google search or turn to online resources such as

Next, think of the ways to build friendly relations. You can share his content or comment on it. Send him customers or give free products or other gifts. In a word, offer something valuable to arouse his interest and establish good relations.

Allow Customers to Leave Product Reviews


It’s a common knowledge that customer reviews provide social proof and increase your brand awareness. However, it’s not the only advantage they give. Customer reviews can also have a positive impact on SEO for eCommerce website.

Firstly, customer reviews are additional free content your website needs. The more reviews, the more content you get. Secondly, frequent customer reviews mean fresh content which Google loves to see so much. Thirdly, there’s always a chance your prospects will add a word “review” at the end of their search inquiry. In such a case, your eCommerce website is more likely to appear on the top of the search results.

Speed up Your eCommerce Website Pages

It goes without saying that slow web pages turn customers away. According to Kissmetrics, a 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. At the same time, Google receives a signal of a poor user experience, which increases your bounce rate. Consequently, it impacts negatively on your rankings. That’s why optimizing pages speed is crucial for SEO for an eCommerce website.

So, what can you do to boost up your web pages? The easiest way to understand it is to use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool. Enter your website URL and click on the “Analyze” button.


As soon as the analysis is complete, you’ll see your page speed score. Besides, you’ll be offered the tips on improving the speed. The best thing is that the tool provides you with the separate info for mobile and desktop pages.


So, don’t waste time and start investing into SEO for eCommerce website right now. Study the main SEO trends and make use of our hacks to improve it. Of course, you’ll spend some time implementing them. However, the game is worth the candle. Undoubtedly, you’ll enjoy the positive long-term results while being on the top rankings in SERPs.

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