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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Schema Markup on Your Website Right Now

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Are you  concerned about how your website looks to Google and other  search engines? You would love to have heaps of visitors flowing from your google listing to your  website to get more sign ups and make more sales.

A good practice to put into place now is using schema markup for simple search engine optimization. Today I am going to  review why you should consider this tactic for your website immediately. This can tremendously  help any  website whether personal or business.

What in the World is a Schema Markup?  

Schema markup is  structured data which Google pulls from a  website and then displays it on the  search results. This is generally  placed on the right hand side of the screen when people search for relevant  terms to an interest or  business.

These are becoming more and more popular each day. You can see an example of a schema markup by simply going to Google and typing in the name of a company like  “Apple” and on your right hand side you should notice some data being displayed. You should see things like phone numbers, logo , social media and other details.

We can now get into the  reasons why you need to have one  for your  website immediately!

Google Likes Them Quite A Bit! 

As you do more and more searches on  various companies you will notice that a LOT of them have a schema markup displaying. The website owners either have one  installed on their website or Google has made one for them on their behalf from  data it has  collected.

So this means that even if a website doesn’t necessarily have an official schema markup installed Google will make one. Google may  decide to display it ,but it may not have all the information that a company would like for it to have seen. So you  don’t want to solely rely on Google to make this for you.

 Your Business Will Look  More Professional 

When a customer is searching for a service that you can possibly provide they are  going to go with the one that  appears to be better. So if they are searching for  plumbing services in your  area and Google pulls up your website schema markup (that displays your address, phone number, logo and other details) and your competitors only  have simple search listings. They will consider you a cut above the rest and want to seek you out more.

 It Gives a Wonderful Quick Look At Your Business for Newbies 

This follows right along with the  previous point made. Most people like to know a good  bit of information before they buy from you. A person can perform a  search and possibly see your business on the  right of their search results.

This can then give them a good idea of what you offer and if your service is right for them in a  short span of time. This avenue of advertising can be totally taken away from you without the schema markup. You can choose to  let Google  create a schema markup for you but they  might leave out some  good information that  could  have you missing  good potential customers.

It Increases Your Online Real Estate 

You are telling Google that you  take your search  engine optimization more seriously when you  choose to have a schema markup placed on your website. You will now not only be eligible to show up on the regular  search listing results for search  terms that are  relevant to your business or site, but now you have chance to show up on the  right side of the search ,as well as, outshine your competitors easily.  Did you know that  websites with  schema markups get  a natural boost in their  webpage rankings? This means you  can be more  prominently featured in  several or many  search results relating back to your  business.

Do the Work Once and Enjoy the Repeat Payoff 

Do you like doing something one time and then enjoying the many returns? There are few people who don’t like getting paid again and again for one time work.

This is exactly what a schema markup can do for your business. The best part is you can  set this up and then  totally go on with the rest of your life knowing that it is  doing it’s job on auto pilot.

Once you have your schema markup installed  and Google knows this no more  work has to be done with it. Your schema markup  will advertise your  business on Google, Yahoo, Bing search  and mobile devices  for you from this point forward. This could lead to countless new leads for you in weeks,months and years from now. So why not do it!

You can not only have a schema markup  done for a website like the specific ones mentions here but it can work on  blog posts, videos, product pages and more.

I hope you can now see the real benefit of  having a schema markup for your business and how  valuable it can truly  be in the short term and long run. There are really countless advantages to having one  but I am sure you get the point  by now. The point of this  article was for you to  understand what it is and how it can really give a nice  boost to a lot of your website search engine optimization work.

Author’s Bio:

Would you like to have a schema setup on your website but  just don’t know how? I would love to  help you get started feel free to contact me, Marvin at You can also  learn more here.


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