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7 Ways to Boost Your SEO with Live Chat Software

Boost Your SEO with Live Chat Software

An effective SEO strategy is crucial to help you climb search engine results pages and reach more consumers. Failing to make the first page on Google affects your visibility in a major way, as a staggering 75 percent of people never actually venture to the second page or beyond.

One tactic you might not have considered yet is live chat software. This has proven successful with consumers, 63 percent of whom said they were more likely to show loyalty to a website featuring live chat. It’s far more convenient than phone calls or emails and is free (unlike some premium-rate helplines).

But live chat actually has the power to boost your SEO in the long run, too. How? Let’s take a look.

1. Increases your Website Traffic

Bringing visitors to your site is the goal, and live chat helps you do just that. It all starts with delivering a higher quality of customer experience. Any visitors facing technical issues with your site or looking to ask questions about your products/services can resolve issues faster.

There’s no need to pick up the phone or wait for an email response. As agents can juggle multiple interactions at once, their productivity improves and they help a greater number of people.

Satisfied customers are more likely to leave positive reviews on social media or dedicated websites, recommending your brand to other valuable buyers.

This will create more mentions of your company, and if they carry links to your domain, even better. Just make sure you have agents who are well-trained, knowledgeable and have a user-friendly live chat platform at their disposal. Aim to keep refining your service and gathering feedback from customers — post-chat surveys are perfect for this.

2. Enhance Your Entire Customer Experience

Following on from the previous point, live chat can help you improve your entire customer experience and create a stronger website with better SEO overall.

How? You can store and review transcripts of live chats to analyze the quality of interactions, as well as gain powerful insights into consumers’ journeys to your site. How did they find your website and did anything put a negative spin on their time on your domain? Were pages slow to load? Did they find what they were looking for easily?

Customers may raise such issues during interactions themselves, or agents can ask a few quick questions about their experience at the end of a call. When performance errors, slow load times, clumsy navigation or other problems are raised, take action to fix them ASAP.

For example, page speed is a Google ranking factor, so if you discover customers are waiting too long to view content, you could enhance your SEO by making changes (compress images, reduce the number of plugins etc.).

You can study your agents’ service, attitude, and competence using transcripts too, to identify where extra training may be necessary.

3. Achieve a More User-Friendly Website

Adding live chat to your website makes your website more user-friendly. Customers can interact with agents and receive direct assistance during the purchase process, all without having to navigate away from your site or leave their browser.

Putting a live chat button on your site allows visitors to access support with a quick click or tap. Just make sure it’s visible and easy to use, particularly on mobile devices — mobile optimization is one of Google’s big ranking signals.

Make sure your live chat operates smoothly on smartphones, and pay attention to other key elements of good mobile optimization. Mobile search is becoming more and more important, and adding live chat to your mobile site means customers have access to all the support they need, wherever they are.

4. Generate More Leads

Generating leads is critical to finding new customers and expanding your audience. Use live chat to take advantage of the information a customer provides during interactions — email address, phone number etc. Request they input such data at the beginning of chats, and you’ll be able to send them marketing materials in the future.

Make sure you segment customers to maximize relevance: if someone had an issue with one of your gardening products, send them news or offers related to this. Personalize emails, newsletters, and promotions to increase the likelihood of the recipient clicking through to your site.

5. Inspire Keyword-Rich FAQs and Blog Posts

Common questions or issues found in live chats can fuel high-quality content in the future. FAQ sections are increasingly popular on websites, providing visitors with a wealth of self-serve resources. These reduce the strain on your support agents but also add keywords to your site.

This is especially helpful as they may match searches people make on a regular basis, such as ‘how do I use product X?’ or ‘how can I contact brand X’? Phrase questions as customers are likely to input them into search engines.

The same is true of blog posts. Look at concerns or comments that arise in live chats and consider how to address them in an engaging way. Again, you can slip powerful keywords into these organically, but if they’re shared on social media too, it means improved visibility.

6. Drive Conversions

Boosting your conversion rate equals more sales and reduced bounce rates. Integrating live chat into your site is helpful for CRO, as customers can receive the support they need before completing their transaction.

CRO benefits your SEO campaign by attracting more visitors via optimized content, streamlining navigation and helping funnel prospects to the purchase stage. Live chat is fast and easy to use, reducing their risk of clicking away to another site for the answers they’re looking for.

7. Access Helpful Data on Website Performance

Analytics data is a staple of good SEO. By assessing the information gathered from multiple touchpoints, you can form a clear idea of how your site meets customers’ needs in different areas.

While you can gather analytics data across everything from Google Ads to affiliate networks, live chat offers plenty of eye-opening insights too.

For example, you can see how productive your agents are, call-abandonment rates and customer satisfaction by studying live chat data. This shows you where improvements are needed to achieve a stronger CX, how effective your live chat feature is and whether people are actually taking advantage of it.

Enhancing the quality of your live chat boosts your overall customer service at the same time, which can help you achieve a better reputation online. More reviews, more shared content and more social-media feedback all mean more mentions and links to your site.

Better SEO with Live Chat

We’ve explored 7 ways live chat software can boost your SEO and increase your ability to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Live chat is gradually becoming the norm on websites across all sectors of industry, from dental clinics and construction firms to retailers. There’s no cost to the consumer, it’s user-friendly on mobile and businesses can glean information that helps improve their services.

Has this inspired you to integrate live chat into your website for stronger SEO? If you already have been using live chat for SEO, what results have you seen so far? Live your thoughts in the comments below.

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