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7 Worst Mistakes That have Eaten Up Your Content Marketing Success

Mistakes of content marketing.

A Blog. This is the first word that comes into the minds of most of us whenever we think or talk about content marketing. Blogging, in reality, however, is just a small part of modern content marketing.

Mistakes of content marketing.

Digital/content marketing is now more about creating engaging content in the form of social media posts, how-to guides, memes, short infographics, GIFs, case studies, podcasts and more. But what if you are doing all of this and still getting no leads and thus no conversions? In this case, you might be making one or more of these seven worst mistakes that have eaten your content marketing success.

So what are these worst mistakes? Let’s have a look at all of them. These are arranged in no particular order.

Mistake # 1: Lack of/Weekly Defined Long-term Conversion Goals

If you are just creating content, publishing it but not monitoring your performance and analyzing your mistakes, possibilities are that you’ll keep doing this with no results. Defining a SMART content marketing success goal is very important before you jump into action. So what does smart stand for?

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Assignable
R – Realistic
T – Time-based

An example of a SMART goal would be something like, ‘Increasing Monthly Sales by $5000/per month within six months’. It could be more detailed but should have all the mentioned characteristics. Once you have decided to cut the tree, sharpen your ax. Calculate what tactics you’d need and how you’ll collect enough leads to reach your goal. You should have a step-by-step plan with timelines.

Mistake # 2: Invaluable / Average Quality Content

Another mistake you might be making is that although you are putting your efforts and generating a lot of content it is invaluable for your audience or it is just an average quality content. This means the audience will be least interested and they won’t convert into your customers even if you have your content spread out everywhere. On the other hand, one valuable piece of content can bring you a lot of sales.

Consider the example of It has only a few guides but very well in quality and provide everything a customer needs. Thus, they reached $40k/month earnings within eight months.

Mistake # 3: Content Marketing is Writing Blog Only

This is the mistake which most of the content marketers have been doing out there. Although the blog is a long-term content marketing solution, it is definitely not a viral and engaging solution. Instead, social media is being used to make content viral these days. A perfect solution would be a combination of both. However, you can use other options like memes, GIFs, short videos, long videos, How-to guides and more. This selection depends on your target audience and conversion goals. However, if you are working on the blog only, you definitely need to go beyond it. To right way to make blogging, you should read these tips!

Blogging is just important part of content marketing.

Mistake # 4: Not Targeting a Specific Audience

Trying to sell your product to everyone out there? You’ll have a hard time. It is very important that first of all your research and define the target audience for your product/service. Then you need to do some research that which type of content your audience likes the most. You can have a survey, phone interviews or in-person interviews. Once you understand your audience better, prepare content accordingly and target that specific class on social media and other platforms. You’ll end up with a better conversion rate.

Mistake # 5: Content Published is Content Marketing

Another mistake which I have seen a lot. Everyone puts a lot of efforts in making their content great, publish it and then start waiting for results to appear. However, they always forget that if ‘Content is king but distribution is queen, and she wears the trousers.’ Thus you need to put your content out there in front of your audience. You can do so by running social media campaigns, sending emails, posting on forums and using other marketing channels. Without these efforts, your content is unlikely to make a big impact. In addition to these efforts, you should also grow your followers on social media and thus your content will have more chances to get noticed online.

Mistake # 6: Fail to Create Content for Digital Reader

The behaviour of users on the internet is very different from the real world. On the internet, users are always in hurry and hungry for information. They want to grasp more information in less time from a web page. Thus if your blog is a long content with no subheadings, no charts, no images and consists of long paragraphs only, it is literally unreadable for online users.

Similarly, it is important to have engaging social media posts with excellent visuals. In the case of videos, these should be properly edited and should have to-the-point content. Thus, it is very important to cut your online content short and keep it to the point.

Essentials of content marketing.

Mistake # 7: Ignoring Business Goals While Generating Content

Some digital content marketers totally ignore their actual business goals or create an ineffective connection between their digital content and business.

Thus they struggle with creating the impact they want to. This gap can be filled by using the following strategies:

  1. Once you educate the user about the problem and its solution, do not forget to present your product/service as the best possible option.
  2. At the end of the blog or in social media posts, add call-to-action along with relevant links to your product/service.
  3. Track clicks or traffic sent to your product/service page and see if you are getting enough traffic from your content.

So these were seven major mistakes being made by content marketers around the globe. Once you start avoiding them, you’ll see a significant improvement in lead generation and conversions for your business. Learning the art of content marketing is a long process and it takes some time till you become a pro.

Author Bio:

Paula Jones is the Social Media Manager of PopupSmart. She is also the author of PopupSmart’s Blog. You can find her on LinkedIn, or you can directly reach her through PopupSmart’s website.

All you need is some patience, dedication, defined goals, clear vision and you are definitely going to meet your business goals!

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