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Are you a beginner in link building? Use these four smart strategies

Four Smart Strategies for Link Building Beginners

SEO is a changing landscape! And today, amidst all the SEO changes taking place, brands and companies are focusing on quality link-building solutions.  Most SEO agencies provide link building solutions. However, today some professionals and companies exclusively provide standalone link building solutions.

The online market today is filled with new and start-up businesses. There’s a good chance of people being a complete beginner concerning link building. And they might get lost in a sea of various link building tactics. Do you resonate with this? If yes, chances are you would want a streamlined and natural approach to link-building.

And for that, you might reach out to a professional service provider, such as and others. However, if you are looking for solutions, the following four ways to link building can help you as you start out.

Start with Guest Posting

One of the easiest ways to accumulate quality links is to opt-in for guest posts! The process is straightforward. You need to provide informative content that websites would prefer to publish. It gives you good exposure also offer you a quality link back to your site. This strategy is a complete win-win for the writer, the audience as well as the website.

Are you thinking how to go ahead with guest posting? If yes, you can conduct a quick audit of all your present connections and partnerships. Check for the websites that are willing to receive your content. You can then curate interesting topics and check with these websites for publishing your guest blog.

However, the decision to allow your website link depends entirely on the publication. But, today majority of sites allow companies to add the website link in the author bio. Today, the scopes of guest blogging are expanding. You merely need to write an interesting post and then opt-in for a smart link-building strategy that can provide you with quality links.


Make sure you answer all the questions

You have to answer all the problems that your audience has to procure good links! It is essential for your company to recognize the critical issues from media and provide the best answers in the available media outlets. It will help you receive a backlink from the same channel.

According to SEO experts, the typical question/answer scopes get generated from the entrepreneurship teams that of which companies are members. Additionally, today sites such as Reddit and Quora are capable of answering audience questions that help people establish themselves as experts on a specific domain.  The best way to leverage Q&A as a link building strategy is to identify the scope and act fast. People who are searching for answers are always in a hurry. The quicker they get their answers; the chances of you getting included in their posts are more.

Check out the unlinked mentions in real-time

If there’s a company which gets written about and also gets mentioned online, then you need to track the unlined mentions at the earliest. It is one of the smartest ways to create links. Are you still unclear about unlinked mentions? Do you want to know the way they monitor activity? Do you also want to know how to respond when a scope gets identified?

If yes, then it’s essential to know that unlinked mentions happen when a site adds your product or brand in their post, without carrying a link of the site. For instance, if a beauty and style blogger creates a post about the places to purchase leather clutches and mentions your store without adding a link to it, you can label that as an unlinked mention.

One of the best tools to monitor all unlinked mentions is Ahrefs. You can develop a keyword alert, provide a real-time weekly/daily summary of your keyword alerts and then analyze every scope to check for a backlink. All you need to do is create a set of branded keywords, make use of your chosen tool and check whether this process brings you benefit.

You have to generate better content than  your competitors

It is a simple process but is very challenging terms of implementation. You need to check-out for content that has received good ranks on Google. Also, you can check how old is the content and whether the same needs to be tweaked a little and even if it requires to be updated or changed altogether. If yes, then it’s better to come up with a more interesting, updated and valuable version of the existing content. Once your content is ready, you will have to promote the content to sites that will provide a linking opportunity to the post.

For instance, let’s say you come across a site that link to post on “Fall-winter 2017 fashion collection” and simultaneously received an email with the title “Fall-winter 2018 fashion collection”. It’s natural to want to consider upgrading the website in an enhanced manner to serve with your online readers.

Are you thinking about how to get started? Simply place a Google search using the term “Guide and your chosen keyword.” Go ahead and make use of tools like Aherfs to evaluate the backlinks that take people to their content. Do you have existing content, which is written about three years back and has many backlinks? If yes, then you can publish a brand new guide and research every site that links back to the previous guide. It
is one of the smartest strategies to attain rich backlinks.

Key Takeaway

Finally, to sum up, it is essential to know that the process of link-building is a crucial determinant of long-term success in organic search. You can also develop a backlinks portfolio from high authority and relevant sites. Also, your website is taken to be a relevant one having good control in your focus space. The process needs resources and is time-consuming and can get challenging. Also, you will need to give it some time to witness the outcome.

However, when you apply the above-discussed four strategies, you can experience your website ranking high in Google search results.



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