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Are you losing organic traffic? Here’s what you should do

Google has been increasing its dominance on the results shown in their search engine pages. This has caused a lot of difficulty for business owners and has shaken the entire SEO industry up. Although experts believe that such moves are not new, however, it does make business owners panic a lot. If you are someone who feels that organic traffic on your business website has reduced because of search engine interference, then this article will be helpful for you.

Your current traffic status: Your traffic will be dropping primarily because of four main reasons: a sheer fall in your rankings, a reduction in your search volumes, fewer number of keywords in your pages and because the SERP features have been reducing your visibility.

You need to do a detailed analysis first to see if the reason for your traffic drop is because of the first three reasons. If it is not so, then it is most likely the Google SERP features that have undone you. You can guess that the SERP features are to be blamed in case you notice a huge sudden drop in the number of clicks that you get even though your page ranking has remained almost similar and consistent.

You need to see that the clicks and the impressions that you get to both your mobile website as well as your desktop website.

Now you need to do the following steps to ensure that you can deal with your lower traffic count:

1.    You must narrow down the traffic drop right to the particular cause as to whether it happened for new SERP features or because of more paid advertisements.

2.   You need to find out the particular features that are affecting your business.

3.   You need to adapt the SEO strategy that you follow in accordance to these outcomes.

Finding out what SERP features are affecting your traffic: In order to ensure that which features may be affecting your business website’s traffic, you need first to determine which industry your business will fall under as that will determine the steps you need to take. For instance, if you run an e-commerce business, then Google Shopping along with paid advertising can hamper your traffic.

If you get a lot of traffic on your blogs, then you need to find out the parties who publish the main featured snippets of your important questions. If you are a media venture, then see if you are being featured on the results of search engines at all.

After this, it is important for you to double check this with a simple spot checking of some SERPS for some keywords and this can give you an idea about what are the things which changed. In case you are aware of the things to notice when you are digging in your data, then the process will be easier for you. You need to do this from both the mobile and the desktop versions.

Gain more solid evidence with your SEO tools or with performance graphs – After you have got some kind of idea with the things that have changed, you need to confirm this with your search engine optimization tools. In the event that you have access to these, then you can use any historical ranking tool for finding out the way in which your rank has varies, and this will also give you an idea about the way the SERP has been evolving.

You need to use the tools to check your historical data; you can check for all your data or some specific and important keywords and then locate the date in which the SERP feature had first appeared. After you get this date, you need to get it lined up with the fall in the organic traffic that you had. In case you see a match, then you should be convinced about the SERPs being the cause for your fall.

Recovering your traffic

In order to recover your traffic, you need to go back to the basics of search engine optimization. This ensures that your business website has been properly optimized. You need to put in lots of new fresh content. You need to do thorough research of the most popular keywords which are used in your industry and niche, and see to it that your content has those keywords mentioned the optimum number of times.

Update your social media profiles, by changing the display pictures or adding more visual content and other types of content to boost audience engagement. You must also then go on to add new features to your business website. See if you need to get your business website a more modern user interface or any changes in design. These things open help your business website to get more traffic.

One of the simplest ways of ensuring you get more traffic is by republishing your older blog posts by improving and expanding them and including newer keywords in them. Also, you need to add more backlinks, and these will have to be different from your earlier ones. You need to visit Somoseoin order to know more about improving your organic traffic.

Wrapping things up

It has become increasingly difficult with time to get more organic traffic to business websites. However, things can be turned around and made to improve. All that is required is the creation of more intelligent strategies for search engine optimization. You need to be focused about the future of your search engine optimization to help you in being able to do this.  You must also try and integrate your search engine optimization strategies with several other mediums and use social media for effectively.

You have to make more people grow aware of your brand. Your strategies for online marketing must become more adaptable with time. This can make your business website stay relevant with fresh features all the time and ensure that you get more organic traffic.

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