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20 Best Social Media Management Tools You Can’t Live Without

Social media management tools

Improving your business ventures can be a difficult undertaking. Fortunately, social media can be help you change your business for the better. This is evident from the report depicting the active social media users in the world.

According to this report, there are 2.8 billion users present on various social media networks. You can harness the potential social media, and generate qualified leads for your business.

As these people are not active on a single social media network, you need a social media management tool to create a connection between your content and the users. For an efficient interaction and outreach, you should deploy a suitable social media management suite.

Here, we have listed 20 best social media management tools that can be utilized by you to handle social media marketing and analysis.

1. HootSuite

HootSuite is undoubtedly one of the most revered social media management tools. There are more than 10 million users, including Virgin, Herschel, MailChimp, University of Cambridge, etc, who utilize the exceptional services of HootSuite.

Hoot Suite

You can schedule posts for publishing, curate optimized content, analyze the performance, and monitor the social media network for innovative ideas and latest news.

2. Buffer

You can schedule bulk publishing of insightful content with Buffer social media management tool. Manage all social media accounts from a single dashboard. Analyze the performance of your posts to get better ideas for future publishing.


More than 40 million marketers bestow their trust upon Buffer suite. The list includes Business Insider, Shopify,, and so on.

3. TweetDeck

The official social media application of Twitter, TweetDeck is beneficial in managing your Twitter accounts for an extensive outreach program. Manage your Twitter accounts from a single TweetDeck dashboard.


Streamline your preferences pertaining to topics, events, hashtags, activities, and so on. Tweet from your accounts and monitor other accounts to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings on Twitter.

4. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing software is an essential suite for CRM. Social media management is another integral aspect of this software. You can publish your latest content on various social media accounts from a single dashboard. You can schedule future proceedings for timely updates with the HubSpot social media tool.

HubSpot Social Media Tool

Interact with influencers to gain valuable insights in your niche. Along with the social media management suite, HubSpot integrates other valuable CRM solutions in the Marketing suite.

5. SocialOomph

Socialoomph is a social media management tool that offers numerous features for effective interaction and marketing on social media sites. RSS feed entries let you create engaging, informative posts based on latest trends.


Submitting posts via email is an indigenous Socialoomph feature that allows users to manage social media activity from email accounts.

6. SocialBakers

If you are looking for publishing and analytics capabilities integrated into a single social media management suite, Socialbakers can serve the purpose. You can analyze your content strategy by generating timely reports and compare your performance against your competition using this social media management tool. Apart from this, you can also publish relevant content at regular intervals from Socialbakers’ dashboard.



IFTTT is an intriguing platform that houses numerous applets for multiple uses. These applets can be customized by the users to trigger specific functions.


For example, if you published a post on your blog, you can customize an IFTTT applet to share your post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on.

8. Tweepi

Twitter can be a meeting ground for social media marketers. If this is the case with you, just harness the potential of Tweepi to gather potential leads and strengthen your influence on Twitter.


Just mention your preferences related to hashtags and users, and let the Tweepi AI work on accumulating crucial information for you.

9. Sproutsocial

You can imagine the worth of Sproutsocial by the list of its clients that include Hyatt, Bentley, Stanford University, and so on. This social media suite offers a complete package including CRM tools, social media publishing, content calendar, monitor, and analysis, etc. Engage your audience with compelling content, and study the latest trends to expand your online presence with Sproutsocial.

10. Iconosquare

The engagement time on Instagram is on a consistent rise and hence, it seems to be an ideal forum for social media marketing. Analyze the performance of your posts and stories on Instagram, manage operations like comments moderation and content posting, schedule posts in the calendar, and scout for the influencers in your niche; all these tasks simplified by Iconosquare.


11. Sendible

As evident by the name, Sendible offers sensible services for managing your social media accounts with perfection. The all-in-one inbox generates messages from multiple social media sites on a single platform. Generate detailed reports within minutes, and start working on your campaign. Analyze the keywords and content recommendations generated by Sendible social media management software.


12. ZOHO Social

ZOHO Social is a renowned name in the social media management tools niche. Engage with your audience in an effective manner by analyzing the content trends, contemplating the responses received on your marketing campaigns, scouting for the powerful keywords in your niche, and so on. You can even download ZOHO Social app for Android or iOS devices.

ZOHO Social

13. Tailwind

Tailwind focuses on visual marketing aspect and hence, it provides marketing tools for Pinterest and Instagram only. Scale your business by appealing the users with lucrative visual content.


Schedule posts, analyze performances and manage conversations with Tailwind social media marketing tool. Credible companies like Walmart, P&G, Unilever, eBay, Viacom, and others trust Tailwind for their marketing campaigns.

14. Oktopost

The Oktopost social media management software is specifically designed for B2B marketers. Integrate your social media profiles with Oktopost to deliver regular posts, monitor conversations, collaborate with your team to achieve the targets, and much more. Reputed brands like Panasonic, Fujitsu, Toshiba, and others rely on Oktopost for triggering their social media presence.



Accomplish two crucial tasks with the assistance of SOCIALFLOW suite. These are – social media publishing and social media advertising. SOCIALFLOW utilizes data-driven approach for successful conversions and outreach program.


Manage conversations and analyze latest trends to curate content according to the demands of the user. Download benchmark reports on SOCIALFLOW to analyze your performance in every segment.

16. Blog2Social

Propel your social media presence with Blog2Social by ADENION. This social media management tool is solely focused on expanding your social media engagement.


Schedule and publish posts on multiple platforms, track the performance, select relevant images, edit comments, and so on. Blog2Social gives you flexibility while managing your blog posts and website content.

17. Sprinklr

Enhance your customer interaction and propel social media marketing with Sprinklr management tool. Whether it’s about publishing content, managing sales, advertising content, gaining valuable insights, or retaining the customers; Sprinklr can accomplish all the jobs with ease.


This is the reason Sprinklr is trusted by the industry leaders such as Nike, HP, NASA, NASDAQ, and so on.

18. Spredfast

Spredfast offers reliable social media solutions for the online marketers. The wide range of services like publishing post, managing & interacting with the team, devising strategies based on Geolocations, and so on; Spredfast will deliver more than expectations on every aspect. The firms like NBA, Discovery, ESPN, KPMG, and others rely on Spredfast services.


19. Everypost

Everypost knows about its tasks. Therefore, it does not mingle the processes and make it complicated for the users. The simplified interface makes it suitable software for the novice marketers.


It provides social media marketing tools such as content creation, content publishing, coordinating with the team, and social analytics. The reasonable pricing is also an added advantage.


The visual content is more appealing and it facilitates better conversions as well. MAVSOCIAL believes in this concept and therefore, it provides customized solutions with a major emphasis on visual content marketing.


Create captivating content, schedule the timings on the calendar for posting the content, analyze the behavior of the users to improvise the content, and much more with MAVSOCIAL tool.


Social media is an ever-changing database that can be used to connect with your audience and build relations with prospective clients. These social media management tools emphasize on delivering the best results for their customers.

Based on your budget and requirements, you can opt for particular social media management software for your business. Build your online presence, and take a step towards being the industry leader.


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Wyatt Gilmore

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