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How to Use Guest Posting for Boosting Website Rank


The interest in content marketing has been on the rise the past few years, so it is safe to conclude that it is no different this year either. Building links with guest posting is one of the most important ways of boosting website rank. Whether your aim is higher traffic revenue on your website, business or application, this is the right way to start reaching it.

The idea here is to have a peek at the idea of guest posting and help you understand how this method will help you in growing your online business. The website rankings are no longer solely about links, but also about getting your brand to the right audience by establishing some very powerful relationships.

What are The Benefits of Guest Blogging?

If you decide to opt to guest blogging, the first thing you have to do is determine your goal. This is highly important when picking out the perfect blog to guest post.

Generally speaking, there are five main benefits of guest blogging:

  • Increasing the traffic to the site
  • Branding and recognition
  • Authority building
  • Reaching the target audience
  • Building back links for social media following


Finding the Best Blog to Guest Post on

When it comes to finding good guest post opportunities, there are 6 key steps to consider. Here are the best strategies for finding the best blogs to post on.

  1. Plan Ahead

When it comes to planning about guest posting, there are several things to take into consideration:

  • What are your aims?

Let’s say you sat down and decided to guest blog. If you have done it, the plans you have should be your priority. Firstly, you must consider whether the content is focused on your particular niche. The second thing to do is make sure that your investment is worth both your money and your time. Setting your goals includes focusing on the main objective of guest blogging and what you expect it to do for your website.

  • What is your target audience?

When planning your guest blog, you must be completely informed and aware of the audience for your particular niche. There are several ways to achieve this:

  1. Identify sites that share your target audience and that are reliable
  2. Make sure that your blog post has an audience that is interested in your niche
  3. Your audience should suit your objective and goals
  4. List your expected targets
  5. The target audience must be engaging in terms of sharing your content and commenting on regular basis
  • Which opportunities are good for guest posting?

Picking out a good guest posting opportunity cannot be based on a quick search on Google. This can of course give you hints, but if you take guest blogging seriously you have to be more thorough. Being aware of social media, domain authority and topic performance is the key to choosing the right opportunity.

In order to determine which blogs have strong domain, you should always have a list of blogs with such authority. This will in term indicate whether the website can perform well on search engines or not.

  • What are your competitor’s backlinks?

Tracking backlinks from competitors can help you in deciding on which site to work on. What you must do is search for sites where your competitors are posting actively.

  • What is the best way of pitching?

Conducting a background research prior to approaching a blog is a must. There are many others who also pitch to sites, so make sure that your pitch is both brief and unique. In order to do this, you should be aware of their brand guidelines, preferences and the type of messaging they use. The purpose of your pitch is to show them that you have respect for their company.

Personalizing your email can help greatly in bringing out the seriousness of the situation. This in combination with a proper introduction of who you are, what you do and the reasons why they should pick you for guest blogging is your path to successful cooperation with the site.

  1. Write a Unique Guest Post

After you have set your goals and planned ahead, the time for creating the content arises. There are some things you have to do in order to make sure that your post is outstanding:

  • Ensure you read all the instructions prior to writing the post
  • Make sure you follow the instructions strictly while writing
  • Use an engaging, unique tone
  • Make sure that your content is unique and original
  • Include a call to action button which will help you engage with customers
  • Include external and internal links
  • Write a good bio
  1. Be persistent

When people aim to succeed, they cannot solely count on luck. Every plan has unexpected fails and it is very important to be persistent if you want to achieve something. It is common for a guest blog to fail to be accepted on another blog or site, but this does not mean that your guest blogging has come to an end. Being persistent in finding the right website can pay off much sooner than you expect.

  1. Respond to Your Readers

Blog readers leave comments and every blogger out there knows that they are our greatest asset. When people ask questions and leave comments on your blog, make sure that you respond to them all. People value your time and commitment to them and this can really help create a bond between you and them.

  1. Monitor Your Progress

When the post is crafted and published, it is time for you to monitor the progress. Luckily, there are many analysis tools that can help you track the results. When the post is up and running, it is important for you to be real and honest to yourself. In some cases, your invested time will produce something relevant, while in some it will not. If it does not, you should consider change in strategy and focus for your next attempt.

  1. Pick Out the Right Tools

Guest blogging is not an easy thing to do. Those who have been blogging know that maintaining a blog content and posting on other sites is definitely not a piece of cake. You may need the help of some good tools in order to achieve good results.

  • If you are interested in hiring a qualified writer to help you with your blogs, you must pick out a good service, such as
  • When working on picking out a strong domain blog, you can try out tools like Moz Toolbar.
  • Pick Open Site Explorer for monitoring the backlinks of your competition.
  • And finally, if you want to track the results of your posted blog, use a tool such as Google Analytics.

Choosing guest blogging as your boosting website strategy is a complicated task, but is definitely worth it. If you manage to follow our guidelines and create a good guest blog on a carefully chosen website, this may turn out to be one of the best decisions you have made regarding your business or website.

Mary Kleim is a creative writer and a co-owner of writing service AssignmentMasters. At the same time, she is working on the project dedicated to self-development.

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