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How Organic Traffic can be increased By Just Adding Area Pages in the website

SEO With Area Pages

No one can give the brush-off to the importance of organic traffic towards a website as it’s the lifeblood of any online business. And a hefty number of competitors get in the way of organic traffic these days. For this case, it becomes a bit trickier to attract a considerable number of visitors to your site.

If we talk about the factors that chip in when it comes to boosting up the organic traffic to your site, these include informative content, Off-Page, and On-Page SEO, marketing, authoritativeness of the website and so on. But the race doesn’t end here. That’s the point where Area Pages affect an entrance into. Yes, you heard it right. Area Pages are of great importance in bringing a large number of people to your site.

Is it over-garnishing? Alright, let me back my statement and we’ll appreciate your opposition then. I’ll get onto it:

There are no two ways about the fact that Area Pages can drive a massive number of visitors to the site. And here, we are going to probe into how this technique worked for us. So, without further ado, let’s dive in:

A short while ago, we came to think about doing an experiment with the website of one of our clients which offered cargo shipping from all over the UK to Pakistan. The website initially didn’t contain the separate pages for the particular areas of UK and we wanted to grab the visitors searching with the name of particular areas of the UK with the intention of sending cargo to Pakistan. So, we added area pages on the website. And it proved to be a masterstroke later. So, let’s get into our Case Study:

Area Pages and their importance for the website?

Hinged on what services you offer to the customers, the addition of pages in the site can be a match-winning approach. Well, whenever users search out for the services accessible in the particular area within the earshot of their location, search engines fetch the locations of the operators and bring them the search results in accordance with their location. Thus, it’s fructiferous to add area pages to grab the users who search out the services on the basis of their location.

Area Pages are basically separate pages to be found on a website, which target the customers of a specific geographical area. To put it simply, the area pages are only extra content, and you would definitely be aware of the fact that more content generates more stream of traffic. Be that as it may, if the page you are going to add in the website is well-designed, it can give rise to a thumping great number of customers to your site. You can also go for an alternative approach, by displaying the positive reviews about your services on Facebook and Google+ etc. This enables your company to stand out from the crowd- no ifs or buts about it.

The Case Study of Our Cargo Website

A couple of years ago, we started working on our client’s website providing the customers with freight services to Pakistan from all over the UK. However, we didn’t add specific areas (service area pages) on the website. Fortunately, the SEO and well-structured design worked really well and the website started ranking higher, but at a slow pace. Our team thought we had missed something. Right after, our team decided to probe the reason behind the slow pace that would have been taken years to make itself appear itself on the first page of search results.

The rising need to add Area Pages and their execution

We noticed that we were deficient to provide an effective service description in a particular area due to which there was a slow pace of traffic to our client’s website. Thanks to our capable marketing team that soon realized this major reason by analyzing modern trends and keywords and made an assumption that the majority of searches are made by directing a specific area.

To cope with this, we made a list of most searched areas and framed active pages of those specific areas. For example, to our cargo website we added area pages as Cargo to Pakistan from London, Cargo to Pakistan from Yorkshire, Glasgow, and Birmingham etc. And, to our surprise, this technique brings unexpected favorable changes by drifting more and more traffic to our client’s website. We were unable to believe that this strategy multiplied the traffic. Whoa!

Improved Organic Search Traffic


The results were pleasing, the traffic which was not more than a thousand visitors previously, gradually elevated to 6 times in merely a few months. Furthermore, within a year the ranking of the website went on moving higher and higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) until became one of the first three results of Google search results. Vola!  That proved to be very beneficial all in all.

In addition to this, there was also an increased rate of conversion that added to make a huge amount of income to the owner and the website become the spokesperson of most of the people sending cargo from any city of UK to Pakistan.

Increased Click-Through rate (CTR)

By appraising our site and eliminating those barriers which stopped visitors from completely exploring the site, aided us in improving CTR rate. When we added the Area pages, we provided little explanations that made the resolution clear to the audience and made it appropriate for them to know what exactly the services are delivered and how they would be able to obtain those services.

This brings about an increase in the Click-through rate which subsequently improved Pay-Per-Click score due to ad relevancy. If we had targeted the wrong audience, we would certainly not be able to increase CTR score and would have turned out to be a victim of expensive conversion. We planned creative ads and kept testing them until we found the one that brought more and more click-through rate. At last, we achieved what we were striving for.

Increased Conversion Rate

It was also noticed that a massive number of people signed up and there was a quantum leap in the service acquisition due to the addition of area pages in the site. The conversion rate increased from just 16% to a whopping great 25%. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Insertion of Images boosted the website

Another thing we tried was the insertion of images against the specific areas. To give an example, for the case of the area page of London, we placed the beautiful landmarks of London. Resultantly, we got a positive response from the users. It is due to the reason that users don’t have to go through the entire content. Instead, images of the particular areas can get the job done for them. With that, insertion of images helped us make our website more convenient and user-friendly. Well, the addition of area pages to the site helped us a great deal and can do the same for your site too if you are after massive organic traffic.


Must follow things for Area Pages

On the basis of our observations and implementation, we can now make an even-handed approach that following are a few nitty-gritty that must be given a once-over with a fine tooth comb while developing the area pages:

  • Use of attractive and Unique Keywords
  • Introducing your services on Social Pages
  • Locate your store through Maps
  • Keep close weather on the proficiency of Web pages


Having said that, bringing in organic traffic is a real bear due to high competition. But, if you do the things in an appropriate way, it’s super easy. And area pages can contribute a great deal in boosting up the organic traffic to your site in a short span of time.

The ideas that we have put forward deserve serious consideration. No two ways about it. Alright, don’t take my word for it and see what area pages can do in bringing traffic to your site. Off you go!

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