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How Social Media Helps Entrepreneurs Expand Their Businesses

SEO is evolving almost every day, and it becomes very challenging for marketers to stay tuned with the best practices. Over the years, SEO has undergone massive changes, and this is continuing. Be prepared to identify something new when you log on to the system in the morning that compels you to look back at your SEO strategy. The problem does not exist in other forms of digital marketing where most traditional marketing tactics still hold good.

What worked for SEO yesterday may not hold good today, and you must keep a close watch on the developments and accept only the current best practices by discarding the old methods in consultation with the experts at

Not so long ago, it used to be a fairly simple matter to tweak your SEO to rank for local search results. All you had to do was to ensure that the NAP details were present and added to the footer and few directory links were in place and you could very well have your place in the local 7-pack. However, the 7-pack evolved into a 3-pack and local directory links no longer sufficed to get you the desired inclusion in local search results. According to experts, content was the key to being ranked.

It is the quality of local content that will actually make the difference for the bevy of small businesses vying for the top spots. Also, content can be a very effective method for ranking for keywords that are local but less competitive. It is also important to create content specific to the location because unless the content is relevant and useful, there is no reason why it should be there at all.

In this article, you will find some outdated SEO techniques that you must stop using immediately.

Keyword abuse

Clarity about the role of keywords in SEO campaigns should provide proper direction about how to use keywords as part of the daily strategy. Being unable to understand keyword usage in the right perspective results in rampant keyword abuse that leads to a confused situation and hampers SEO progress.  Watch out to avoid the following types of keyword abuse.

Targeting irrelevant keyword – Trying to create content and metadata with the objective of accommodating keywords that are not much relevant is a poor SEO practice that you must avoid.  Creating content without considering the user intention behind high volume keywords is another wrong practice that creates disruption and distracts viewers who lose interest in the content. The disconnect between the keyword and content will make even the best content look out of sorts.

Keyword density – Keyword density is a thing of the past because Google does not use it as a factor to judge the worth of a web page for presenting it in search results. Google has a strong arsenal of advanced signals that it uses to judge the quality of a web page.

Keyword stuffing – Google has refined its understanding about keywords so much that it no more considers the extent of usage of keywords to evaluate a web page.  Keyword stuffing amounts to manipulating the webpage for unlawful gains in SERPs and is best avoided.

Writing for search engine crawlers

There used to be a time when good content meant using keywords repeatedly and sprinkling it across the page by tweaking it slightly during every use so that it appeared like related keywords and impressed search engines.  This technique had worked earlier but no more because with advanced technology search engines can identify the intentional tweaking and consign the content to the trash bin.

The aim should be to create content to impress the audience first which search engines would take note and reward the website with better ranking.

Article spinning

For long, article spinning has been a black hat technique and did not merit any consideration for SEO. The technique comprised of using some software that helped to recreate good content by organizing it differently and using different words and phrases. It is something like serving old wine in a new bottle because the article becomes all messed up while using the same points mentioned in the source material. Just do not ever try to tread this path that can ruin the SEO campaign.

Link buying

Google guidelines stipulate that you must acquire backlinks organically instead of indulging in manipulative techniques like buying backlinks. In earlier times links farms were very active as also the trade in backlinks, but it is now history and in the grave. Ever since Google attached importance to the quality of links over quantity, unless you can earn links, your link inventory will never be able to impress search engines. It is pointless to try buying links that do not pay back.

Anchor text

Keyword rich and exact match anchor text had played a stellar role in enhancing the internal linking of websites that contribute to user experience and a site’s structure. At one time using such anchor text used to be a part of SEO best practice. However, use of too much anchor text leads to over-optimized content which is now identified by Penguin and attracts penalty. Create natural content that conveys value to users and provides a better experience instead of trying to act smart with search engines by pretending to produce good content when it is not.

Create pages for all keyword variation

Improved technology has empowered Google that can now easily spot manipulations with keywords that had earlier escaped the attention of search engines. Trying to create pages by using keyword variations is a deplorable technique that had worked earlier but no more. Tweaking a keyword to make it look different does not make it different, and Google can catch it now.


Avoid the above techniques and embrace methods that are part of the best practices in SEO today.The best time to start creating local content is right now. There is nothing that is really complicated about it. All you need is to get your local web pages up and running and start populating those pages with the NAP information, and then find good reasons why your target audience should keep visiting your page. Keep the contents fresh and update as frequently as you can with the latest news, views, announcements, etc. right at the front so that it is easy for both the users and the search engines to find it.

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