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How to Plan out a Link Building Campaign for 2019

How to Plan out a Link Building Campaign for 2019

People call link building an ineffective strategy but what these people do not realize is that they need to learn and adapt as link building has come a very long way since its inception. Google has gone on record to state that ranking a blog, site or landing page is next to impossible without links.

Google’s core algorithm is all about links and that will not be changing any time soon. Understanding the importance of link building is crucial, especially for developing businesses that are planning a link building campaign for 2019. Here are a couple of things every business should take into consideration.

Request Backlinks

For any link building campaign, this is a great place to start, especially if you are new to the whole ordeal. Think about blogs or sites your friends, family or clients own and ask them for a backlink. Ask for in-context links though, as links in the footer or sidebar will not cut it in this digital era.

When getting backlinks, be very careful about the site you are getting them from. Not just any website will do, as you will need backlinks from sites that are relevant to your niche. If you are not careful, it could do more harm than good so make sure you choose websites with meticulous attention to detail.

Build Relationships

To ensure your link building campaign is a success, you need to build relationships. There are plenty of ways you can go to make new contacts and engage with potential platforms. You can look into communities related to your niche but don’t stick to one platform or limit your outreach. Consider as many groups, blogs or forums as you possibly can and constantly engage with these channels.

Once you have identified all those communities, contribute as much as possible. Do keep in mind though anything and everything you share must be relevant and interesting. Basically, you will have to add value to discussions taking place and establish your brand’s authority on different concepts.

By participating in discussions more often, you will be able to get a backlink or two. Apart from the backlinks you score, your businesses will align with all of the current trends in the market and establish concrete relationships with potential clients.

Give Testimonials

Believe it or not, testimonials is a great way to score links. It is a win-win scenario if you think about it. Companies get a new testimonial from your end, while you get a new backlink. A majority of businesses give their customers the opportunity to say a few words about their product or service. This can build customer trust, but it is also a great way for you to get potential traffic and backlinks from such business websites. When compared to standard link requests via email, these sites have a higher approval rate.

Look for Trustworthy Directories for your Site

Numerous online directories have no real value to offer, which is why Google has removed them from its search results. The last thing you want is for your site is to be listed with these flagged directories. However, not all directories are all that bad. A directory that lets you post a link to your website while giving out useful information to your target audience is the kind of site you want to be listed on.

Directories linked to informative websites or niche directories for specific industries should be preferred over all others. If you get your company listed on such directories, you will find it easier to get indexed on search engines like Google so that people can find you with ease.

Discover Common Backlinks with your Competitors

While researching your competitors, you will realize that you are missing out on some backlinks. If they managed to score those backlinks, so can you. What you have to do is to analyze these missed opportunities and try to acquire these backlinks. The good news is there are several tools out there that will make this a breeze for you, like the Common Backlinks Tool for instance. So keep an eye on your competitor’s outreach program and instantly capitalize on any opportunity.

Score an Indirect Backlink from your Competitor

Do not be surprised when your competitors post links on the same sites as you. If you want to find out more about your competitors and where they leave links, you will need to use Link Justice Thief. The tool is no different from the Common Backlinks Tool but in this case, you will find authority sites which your competitors link to.

If you get a link from such sites, your website will benefit from it exponentially. Apart from this benefit, there is a high probability your competitors will link to you indirectly. Remember, only leave links on sites that are relevant to your niche to avoid getting into a fix later on.

Recover your Dead Backlinks

Sometimes the links you post end up dying. This happens when the location of your page’s change or if your link was misspelled by a webmaster. Whatever the case, accessing these links will result in a 404 error. Such issues normally arise after a site has been revamped or if it was moved to another domain. If this is the case, you need to redirect these links to a new page.

To find broken links, you can count on the Link Juice Recovery Tool. This tool will let you find all those links with non-existent pages. There are many ways you can go about planning a link building campaign, but how you go about planning depends on your needs and requirements. Before you even consider about going to the planning stage, you will need to do your homework beforehand to know what you are getting yourself into.

Of course, there are numerous websites online to help you in this regard, but they can only guide you to a certain extent. It all depends on how willing you are to experiment and test new strategies to get the results you are hoping to achieve. Sometimes guest blogging will do wonders for you, but other times, you will need to audit your existing links to see where you actually stand so you can take steps accordingly. But rest assured, these tips mentioned above have been designed to help you kick start your campaign and get positive results in a timely manner.

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Worked as a Senior SEO strategist at LinkBuilding HQ, Sohail Rupani love to write and share his experience on SEO, link building, content marketing, and management and want the audience to know the mistakes he makes and how they can avoid and get better at digital marketing. Follow @sohailrup for more updates.

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