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  by saim | 12 months ago

Importance of Multimedia in Modern Day Content Marketing

12327_Importance of multimedia in modern day content marketing

In today’s technology world, we are definitely surrounded by different kinds of multimedia services – to photos, videos, from any sort of infographics. For this reason, competition is increasing day by day as we are surrounded by much amount of data. According to statistics of Forbes, 340,000 tweets are posted per minute by different small level sports players which will then be are re-tweeted again and again.


Given all these facts, how can you stand out in the content marketing world from all of your competitors?


If you want to make your brand stand out or ahead from your competitors in the marketing industry – specifically in the content marketing field – one of the most important factor you should consider is to create and follow an effective strategy for your company. You have to come up with something that is out of the box to produce something that is different and unique from the old traditional blog posts. The posting feature is ultimately great for updating any kind of news or feature story and it can also be used for any new product launching and announcements.


In reaction to this, more digital marketers today are turning to multimedia services in order to make and attain a name in the industry.


What are the different types of multimedia services?

Multimedia content can range from a video taken from a smartphone to any kind of quiz which has been added for brand’s engagement purpose. With this kind of content marketing strategy, the prospective customers can break out of the normal acquiring process and can actively engage more with your brand’s activities.
Different forms of multimedia things could greatly affect the content marketing strategies in their own different ways. For example, a well-researched and creative infographic may take up to 6 months of time if you are replacing it on the web, whereas blogs have don’t that much life on the web to sustain. If you are having some limited budget, then you can take help from these tactics.
In the following paragraphs, we will be discussing the most common multimedia services and their importance to execute a seamless content marketing and digital strategy.

Infographics and Slideshares

According to a research of Microsoft, while reviewing any article or something, we go through a process of a split-second transition order to identify shapes or letters and then combining them into different words and sentences. It is a whole sequential process which takes only a fraction of second and is not much time consuming, hence, makes us understand that we grasp the visual communication easily rather than textual based. For this reason, the highly technologically designed visual elements of media such as infographics and Slideshare are one of the great tools for communicating data to the desired observer.
In this regard, the CEO of TopRank Marketing Lee Odden said that “Visual content, more creative storytelling, and interactive content contribute to experiences that inform and create an emotional connection with buyers. Brands are still creating more content, but it’s held to a higher standard by customers.” This kind of approach really helps us in coming up with some great content marketing solutions.

Podcasts and Webinars


The written marketing content that includes blogs and eBooks can either be targeted to general people or the targeted audience. However, the audio or video content such as audio casts which are known as ‘podcasts’, ‘webcasts’, and ‘webinars’ are the intimate means of communications and multimedia examples that really allows you to engage with your audience in real time. According to researchers and digital marketers, the content based on audio or video occupy a lesser amount of space in the blogging directory or in such storage areas. Similarly, search engines also prefer this kind of pages compared to blogs, eBooks, or any kind written content for marketing purpose.


Different renowned researchers have claimed in their journals and articles in Mashable that people used to retain 80% of the information they see or do in contrast to remembering only 20% of the things that they have read. On the other hand, only 10% was retained from what people heard from other sources.


So, in the light of this research, one can easily say that audio casts and webcasts really work well more than any other additional sources such as written content in the form of Slideshare or blog posts. In addition, you can easily replay, pause, and revisit the same podcast if you want to listen again to the interesting or relevant segments sometime later. This is the reason why that this element of multimedia is strongly considered to be among the best practices in content marketing.




In today’s era of multimedia services,  90% of the consumers are turning to online video for entertainment and information discovery purposes. These two actions could definitely help any person in making a proper decision and also influence the customer’s purchase decision.


Video content marketing also helps in building trust and legitimacy with your target audience. It aids in conveying a good amount of big message to the masses quickly and it can also be used to drive the purchase action and stimulate the post for the customer engagement.


A musical artist named Chris Sandoval once said that “The beauty of developing a video marketing plan is that you are making it easier for the viewer to be exposed to the information you are trying to communicate.”


One of the best things of this medium is that it is really inexpensive and not time-consuming. It just needs your creativity to make you stand out from others.


In today’s world, information is targeting us from every corner and angle. So, it is our duty to extract and filter the best things out of nowhere and make a successful content marketing plans that can cater to your audience creatively and effectively.


Whenever you are incorporating a multimedia service approach to your content marketing skills – like including the visuals through Slideshare and audio through podcasts – then your audience is able to engage with the content in different ways. Additionally, it helps you to stand with a greater chance of converting the visitors into leads, and then leads into customers, and then customers into the brand’s superfans.


What should one do to make a great content marketing plan by using a multimedia service? The answer is simple: make a proper plan. Your ultimate objective is to get people to read your content. In order for this to materialize, start by writing down your goals and the reasons why want to write this certain content, the different factors present in it, and if it would be successful in the long run.


The Senior Vice President of BlackBerry Mark Wilson said that, “Just as your content needs to target customers at every step of their journey with you, it also needs to appeal to their rational and emotional sides. Every customer needs to have their interest piqued, engagement provoked and confidence built.”


Start Producing Great Content


When writing a content, what you should remember is that you should think out of the box, do some brainstorming, and then start writing the engaging and interactive sort of content so that your readers understand you well. Additionally, make sure that you use a title that can easily grab a reader’s attention.


The Vice President of NextView, Jay Acunzo said that, “Actually talk to your customers. Use the language that they use. Talk about the things they talk about. Never feed salad to a lion.”


Do check whatever multimedia content you are using is unique or not. Think of the best platform where you can push the content. Choose it wisely according to your domain and field – whether it is LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram. In addition, make sure that you check the different automated softwares available in the market today which can ultimately help you to manage these social media platforms well.


As Joe Pulizzi (Founder, Content Marketing Institute) said that, “The easiest way to turn off your community members is to broadcast the same message across multiple channels. Instead, determine the kind of content that interests the members of your community in a way that is useful to them.”



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