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17 Important SEO tips you shouldn’t ignore in 2019

17 Important SEO tips you shouldn't ignore in 2019

Are you worried about your website ranking? Want to improve your website’s ranking in SERP? SEO is the best optimization that could help you get organic and unpaid traffic through search engines. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, it is a technique which helps to improve the websites ranking in the result pages of the search engines.

When put into simple words, SEO is a way which is assisting in improving the number of visitors on a particular website, and it is doing so by improving the search ranking over the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This further helps to increase online visibility in terms of organic search.

SEO can be regarded as the marketing tool that helps to increase the quality and quantity of traffic on your site. But is writing content for SEO easy? No, SEO is crucial and the content that is being written should appeal to Google and should resonate with the audience.

Due to this Google frequently update their algorithm to ensure that the SEO techniques implemented by the website owners are competent. One can define the proper techniques as those that help make a web page rank high and assist in finding relevant information dexterously.

SEO not only serve the website owners but in fact, it holds importance for the bloggers who write articles on blogs to earn, for entrepreneurs and more significantly for the visitors and the followers. The SEO techniques keep on changing frequently. The technique which was in constant use for 3 years, might not be considered important today. Thus, it becomes important to look for the technique which should be accurately incorporated.

One is often in a dilemma whether to focus on the keywords, Meta description or link building. So, before starting your SEO adventure, it is important that you should keep some tips in your mind. Because Search Engine Optimization is really serious business and the occurrence of mistakes might even cost a lot.

Therefore, to maintain a safe track there are certain tips one could afford to ignore. The tips would surely help you increase your visibility on the internet and be more user-friendly so that you receive frequent visitors. Below are 17 important SEO tips that you should never ignore:

Make sure that the structure of your website is clear and up-to-date

For a website to run smoothly the structure of the website plays an important role. Complex structure makes the users confuse and forbid them to revisit your site. Thus, a well-structured web page and subpages are necessary and more preferred by the search engines. User experience is key for any website because user retention is very important.

Make sure that the structure of your website is clear and up-to-date

Want to master SEO? Remaining up to date is also important. One needs to follow the latest trends and the updates that might affect your tricks and tactics. Try inculcating new skills, as they help you inform about the frequent changes. Whether you are still a beginner or an experienced blogger, reading about the changing SEO trends and remaining up-to-date is important for your SEO building strategy.

Keep the address of the URL brief and relevant

It is important that the URL should provide information about what the website holds. Along with making this happen, it becomes crucial to use a relevant and brief URL. URL or uniform resource locator are commonly known as web address they are the ones that specify the location of the website or page on the internet. And a well-crafted URL is important for both user and search engine for easy understanding about the destination page. A well-written URL even serves as its own anchor text which can be further copied and pasted as links.

Usage of a primary keyword is important

You can optimize web pages with different keywords. But, focusing on the usage of a primary keyword is regarded as important. This keyword can directly be included in the URL as well. The keyword used defines the page or the post. Many users even search the web using the keyword. And the primary keywords being the keywords that define the nature of your business it becomes important to use them.

Use Hyphens in place of Underscores in your URL

You should never use Underscore in your URL as Google does not recognize it as a separator, it will read the words separated by an underscore as a single word making the underscore look like a word joiner. Even Google says that using hyphens over the underscore would affect the ranking of your page. Thus, hyphens still remain the best way to optimize the URLs as smashing the words in a single big word becomes difficult for the readers to understand which can be avoided while using hyphens.

Do some industry search

Do some industry search

Doing an industry search helps you to bring backlinks from various authorize blogs and news sites that would surely bring you traffic, mentions and social media shares. It becomes important for SEO to do the industry search and by posting the details of the search on your websites the chances to increase the traffic increases. So, instead of talking about a particular research option it is better to do an industry search.

Try removing the zombie pages

A stronger page is given more importance to many smaller pages. The zombie pages are those pages of your website that do not aid in bringing traffic. They are the pages that are constantly bringing down the ranking of your website. Even Google forbids ranking the sites that are bloated with low-quality content. And this is all because of the zombie content. Thus, it is important to audit your website that contains such zombie pages properly. So, to boost your ranking and traffic delete such zombie pages.

Use jump links to go to the site link

Want to improve the CTR or the click-through rate? The site links are one of the best ways to do so. Jump links are one of the easiest ways to get to the site links; they are the internal links that help people to search through different sections of your page. While using the jump links, Google uses the anchor text of these links as site links.

The anchor text is nothing but the visible characters that hyperlink usually displays when linking to another document. The text can be then copied and pasted to the links of other forums and web pages which makes it easy to go to the site links.

Try removing the advertisements that might slow down your site

Nobody likes a slow loading site, and it directly affects the experience of the customers. The customer might become frustrated and would even forbid buying a product from your site. There are data that show that the second delay in loading of the page could generate 7% loss of the conversions.

The speed of the website is important for the customers as well for the search engines. Studies show that 40% of the customers leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Even Google in the year 2010 included site speed as an important ranking factor for the websites.

This is all because of the fact that with the increase in the opportunities to generate the targeted leads and to increase the revenue through the use of Search engine optimization, the speed has become important for the business. Thus, try improving the speed of your website as faster loading pages not only improve the user’s experience but even reduce the operating cost.

Use Web Analytics

Use Web Analytics

Web analytics refers to analyzing your website. So after setting up your SEO goals, it is important to have software which could help you track the techniques and efficiency of the website. There are Google analytics, Google search console, and many others to keep track of your success. Thus, it is advisable to have this analytics data in place, even before sending the first visitor to your landing page.

Frame a generic Meta description

The most important tip that you should never ignore is crafting a generic meta- description. It is the first portion of your website that is witnessed by the users when Google serves your web page to them through search. Due to this, it is advisable to create a generic Meta description and avoid duplicity. Thus, adding a unique and relevant Meta description becomes important for every blog you write. For this, it is beneficial to use your targeted keyword in the Meta description. Though search engines usually pick up on the keywords, it’s the users who click on the post. So, you must write a user-friendly Meta description that makes sense for the post.

Give attention to the content you write

Today it is not about the search engines but the users using it. So whenever you are drafting content for your website make it worthy for the reading of the users and for not simply to gain a rank in the search engine.

While writing forgets about the existence of the different search engines, focus on the users. There are times that people do not capitalize on the keywords and tend to manipulate the search engines, which is a wrong approach. Prioritizing the search engines would lead you nowhere as they are not responsible for buying your product or engage on social media with you, it’s the user who with their eyes read and give credit for your product.

Usage of correct keyword for the image

Apart from meaningful text, images play an important role in search engine optimization. And do you know that when users are searching for a particular image, what do they use? They use keywords. This is the reason to apply the right keyword to the name of the image and the text accompanying it. Even Google has dedicated an entire section for the images in its search results. But remember that while applying the keywords to your image, the issue of keyword stuffing should never occur, as when it comes to SEO relevance matters more than creativity and cleverness.

Use the ALT keyword for the images

The search engines are unable to identify the images, they can effectively read the ALT text. So, it is better to use the ALT attribute to make them understand the meaning of the images.

The Alt text is nothing but the descriptive text which is displayed if the image cannot be displayed to the visitor. Thus, it becomes important to add the alt text to every image and make sure that you include the alt keyword in the text. This would surely describe what the image is about making it easy for both the search engines and people to discover it.

Use the mix of the keywords

There are three types of keywords generic, the broad match and long tail. These are used to attract different types of traffic. And to generate more traffic, the safest option is to use the mix of these three keywords. Adding keywords is the most strategic step as they aid the search engine to match your site to specific search terms. All the keywords have some special strength that would surely multiply your efforts on SEO when used in different situation. Therefore try inculcating the mix of keywords keeping in mind the density of keywords, to enjoy optimizing.

Take care of duplicate content

The duplicate content which appears on multiple URLs can create serious issues leading to a drop in your website ranking. For this, it is important that you install certain measures to address such issues proactively. Like being consistent and minimizing the use of similar content. Usage of top-level domains and 301’s is another such factor. Thus, if your site has been removed from the search results look for the duplicate content and try to remove it.

Never write words just for the sake

It is a myth that longer contents make better SEO. The unnecessary fluff in your content leads to degradation in your website rank. Stop using content as an SEO strategy! As there are no chances that the search engines might base you on the length of the content. Stuffing your content with the keywords would even be invaluable for the search engines and therefore, you can even be kicked out of the search results.

Always create unique and fresh content to improve your ranking

Creating fresh content every time is a challenge. But when it comes to content creation it is even more important due to the “fresh factor”, and unique factor is regarded as one of the factors that affect this freshness and consequently the ranking. Thus, remember that the websites that have more valuable and unique content would surely gain exposure to SERPs. Thus, such sites get ranked higher.


If you are new to SEO, following the above tips become beneficial to outrun your competitor in this field. The best way to learn SEO is by stepping into it, the more the valuable content, the more are the chances of good traffic. But remember, that SEO being a technique of digital marketing, requires time. So, be patient if it takes time to generate results. SEO is not a short term strategy; in fact, it is a long term recurring strategy that works wonders with your website.

There are various options to increase the organic traffic on your website. One gets traffic by being featured in major sites and even through social media. While building the content always think about the quality, remember quantity does not matter. And most importantly try creating mobile friendly web pages to increase CTR. By following the above tips, you can surely generate good content and boost your site’s traffic.

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