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Improve Mobile Conversions and Mobile Engagement Through AB Testing

Improve mobile conversions and mobile engagement by AB testing your push notification

Whenever you launch a mobile push notification campaign, you are sending the messages with an objective. You are in fact handling over the right to make a decision over to your prospect or customer. They are the king. They have the power to decide and implement and act according to their fancies. All you are doing on your part is pushing them in the right direction through your push notification services.

Now imagine, you have a segmented list of subscribers for your e-commerce portal and you want to interact and engage them with your message. You want to send those alerts, offers, promotions and updates such as shipping status and software updates. You use push notification services to connect with your subscribers. You have different customers with different needs, geo-location, behavior, and mindset.

And in your mind you have a host of messaging ideas that you might want to test on your subscribers – this is where A/B testing comes in. It is a proven hit and trial formula where you send a set of different messages to a group of subscribers and track the results. The messaging can be almost the same with different content and strategy.

The idea is to upsell a set of new products to your subscribers who have made some purchases earlier. You want to retain them and bring back their footprints on your app again. So you try out different patterns and wait for the results. A/B testing allows you to measure different messaging in real time sent to your subscribers.

Later you can track the open rates and the conversion rates so that you know which option worked the best and how you can improvise on the rest.

The image below shows three mobile push notification messages sent to three different people at the same time as a part of A/B split test campaign.

This is variant one:

 AB Testing

This is variant two:

AB Testing 2

In the above image, it shows playing with rich media and testing. Whether a plain simple black and white icon image works better or rich media images.

A/B testing done through mobile push notifications helps you identify the behavioral process of your target audience and help you determine the proven tactics that might work. You can do A/B testing on the landing pages and call to action of the app as well.

How does it work?

Create a plan

Do not launch A/B testing campaign just because everyone is doing it. You need to determine the objective and set a benchmark to include in the plan the buyer persona of the target audience and what kind of notification you want to send and under which category does it fall – informative, promotional or transactional. Creating a plan will create the groundwork.

Play with the mind

The content that you produce should be crisp and compelling enough. Also, you need to decide that if one content is emotional the other should be practical. The stark difference will help you determine the result better.

Test, test, and test

Mobile push notification tools allow you to run tests before the actual launch. There are a number of quality vendors who offer you in-depth platforms at affordable rates. Choose one as per your business requirement.

Track, measure and analyze

Once the campaign is done, you will be having clarity on which campaign worked better, where your other campaign failed and how you can improvise. Based on the open rates and responses you can get a clear picture.

Top aspects on which you can run A/B tests


Content is one of the most used aspects while running A/B testing. You can use different titles and body and then check the permutations and combinations. Add to this a mixture of practical and emotional content to tickle the brains of your subscribers

Rich imaging

You can play around with imaging. In one variant you can use bright ones and the sober toned ones.


The name of the subscriber on the push notification message will definitely get their attention. Or maybe not. Run a split test find out for yourself.


Timing and frequency are the two most important aspects of push notification services. To determine the timing that works better for your campaigns, run a test on the timings and the frequency at which you will send your subscribers the notification.

Call to Action

Different CTAs trigger different response. You can only become sure once you have launched the test campaigns.

Final thoughts

Start with choosing a push notification service that supports the A/B testing. There are a number of tools that don’t. Then chalk down the objectives followed by the benchmark you want to set for your campaign results. Once you have the results in your hands you will get a clearer picture of your customer behavior and what pleases them. This data is worth crucial dollars. You need to handle it well and store it for future use.

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Marry Ann is a branding consultant for PushMaze, a service that lets you send trackable push notifications for users. She mainly passionate about building brands in all aspect of online marketing.

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