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    Auto Stamper :

    Today, when you see people busy sharing their photogenic Moments through Social Media, showing off their time well spent with friends, family or any particular Destination. Doesn’t it reminds you of the days, when As soon as Relatives Visit us, we show them our latest picture Albums!

    Photographs freeze our Memories regardless of whether it’s lost in the obscurity of past. Moments may last for a while but captured ones are everlasting. Photos are a genuine work of art all alone. It is difficult to envision the world without photography. Going through our old photographs in our Phone, generally, we wish to know when the specific photograph was shot along with its definite date and time.


    Going back in time, old cameras had an amazingly convenient component termed as a timestamp. It essentially includes exact date and time making it uncomplicated to recall a memory from the past. This fundamental component has lamentably vanished from most current cameras and cell phones.

    Facts and Stats

    These days we take photographs on pretty much every event, on account of the steady advancement in the field of innovation. Today, the number of photos clicked every Minute is the same as the number of photos clicked by humankind during the 1800s according to the Buzzfeed.

    Difficulties of Preserving Memories

    There is a huge Gap in case we compare today with the past right? Today we are capturing a thousand times more pictures in 2 mins as compared with the 1800s. in this way, Even to Store and Preserve Images have become big Task All together. But we Have One Step Solution : 5 In 1 Stamp available in Auto Stamper App.

    The Application comes with 5 Highlighting stamps which include Date and Timestamp, Signature Stamp, GPS (Global Positioning System) Stamp, Watermark logo and Sequence Stamp. Let’s have a glance on the functionalities of these stamps.
    Date and Timestamp
    It is the most widely used stamp and for the same often times it is termed as a Universal stamp. Date and timestamp basically adds original, current or custom date and time on photos, making it effortless to recall a memory with just a glance.
    Signature Stamp
    Often times we need a layer of security while sharing our photos on the vast sea of internet. Signature stamp get’s the work done by adding custom signature text, copyright, and trademark stamp, securing all your work online.
    GPS Stamp
    With the help of this stamp, you can add any custom location on the photographs, making it a very handy feature if you are out on a historical place or on an exotic vacation and want a location tag of that particular place on the Image
    Watermark Logo
    From brand awareness to securing all your personal photographs, the watermark logo gets all your work done with just a click. Add your custom logo before publishing it on the vast sea of the internet to maintain image authorship.
    Sequence Stamp
    Add Sequence Number Stamp on multiple pictures that support sequencing pictures up to infinite Digit number stamp with timestamp camera.
    Wrapping all the merits of photography, we can conclude that some handy features of the past are lacking nowadays as we discussed above. This article revolved around the same aspect, giving you a solution for this problem.
    Summing up to everything briefly, photo stamping is like a cherry on a cake for all your gallery photos. So what are you waiting for? Download the application now from google Play Store and give a ravishing look to all your gallery photos.