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//   by Farhan Sheikh |

Reduce Bounce Rate: 10 Powerful Techniques

reduce bounce rate feature image

Your contents are well equipped with On-Page SEO factors and have plenty of backlinks through a handful of referring domains.

Still, you are frustrated by seeing the lesser users, less number of leads and sign-ups. It is very certain that you have a high bounce rate.

In other words, most of the users bounce back from your website immediately as they arrive. This reduces the chance for them to convert them into leads.

Not just that but also, Your website tends to lose the ranking due to a high bounce rate.

I’ve brought you that how you can improve the bounce rate.

1. Make your Content Easy to Read

When it comes to reducing the bounce rate, content readability is huge.

Just take a look below.

Content A:

reduce bounce rate : readable content

Content B:

reduce bounce rate : non-readable content

Obviously, you choose the one which is more readable (that is Content A).

You must break your content into chunks with plenty of subheaders.

2. Do not use PopUps which Interrupts the User’s Flow

When a user clicks through SERP and arrives at your website, the moment is crucial to make the first impression.

So-and-so that, the moment can either build the brand trust which later tends to convert the user into a lead and then a buyer.

reduce bounce rate : avoid popups

The worst thing you can do here is to show up a popup right in the middle when they were getting engaged by your content.

It has been a part of the debate among the big digital marketers that whether popups are harmful to user experience as well as bounce rate.

To be on the safe side, avoid using popups at least the optimum period when your users are getting engaged by your content.

3. Keep your Blog Fresh with Right Content

It is no secret that updated content tends to rank high.

According to HubSpot, 126% of businesses who run blog have generated more leads than those who didn’t run a fresh blog.

reduce bounce rate : businesses who run blog have generated more leads

People not just stick to your content but also tend to come back when they know that your content is reliable and is up-to-date.

Brian Dean of Backlinko has improved bounce rate and boosted his conversion by 785%.

He realized that traditional bribes like free reports and email courses don’t work anymore. He created the “content upgrade” strategy, which has now become a marketing standard.

4. Target the Right Keywords

Here is a thing, You need to target the Right keyword.

So, by targeting the right keywords means the keywords in which users tend to stick around.

reduce bounce rate : targeting right keywords

When they stick around your content, you get the low bounce rate, G