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Little-known SEO Tips For Your Magento 2 Store Success

Little-known SEO Tips For Your Magento 2 Store Success

Since the launch of Magento 2, it has made headlines for all the right reasons. Today, Magento 2 is counted among the popular and fast-growing eCommerce platforms, offering several SEO features right out of the box. If you are planning to dive into the eCommerce industry with a robust platform, Magento 2 can turn out to be the right choice for you. Before unveiling the little-known SEO tips for your Magento 2 store success, let’s quickly find out the reasons why you should choose Magento 2.

  • The improved two-step checkout process
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Search engine friendly platform just like WordPress
  • Strongly supported by thousands of dedicated Magento developers and store merchants across the globe
  • The page loading speed of Magento 2 is 50% faster than Magento 1
  • Magento 2 has 150% more pageviews/hour as compared to Magento 1
  • Built-in support for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Multiple languages & currencies support
  • Intuitive admin panel, which allows merchants to manage and automate order, customer shipping, sales content, inventory, etc.
  • Fully customizable, which makes it a primary choice for almost all the industries right from fashion and beauty to a restaurant, furniture, and pharmacy.

Why is SEO a must-have for eCommerce?

If your store is on the internet, you can’t overlook SEO. In fact, in the eCommerce industry, SEO plays a vital role in the success of an online store. The higher your eCommerce store ranks in the SERP, the more customer you can draw to your store, which in turn, drives your sales, conversions, and ROI. The best thing about Magento 2 is that it is a highly search-engine friendly platform, which simply means that you can easily rank at the top with minimum optimization efforts.

Now, you might be wondering how should you execute the best SEO strategies for your Magento 2 store, so that it starts appearing under the top 5 search results. Right? Let’s discuss some little-known SEO tips that can help you achieve higher rankings in SERPs.

1. Optimize Every Page URL of Your Magento 2 Store

An eCommerce store comprises hundreds of thousands of pages, and according to the Google guidelines, every page URL of a Magento 2 store should be unique, clean, and easy-to-read, since it will help not only the visitors to navigate but also has a great significance for the crawlers/bots as well. You can use the following patterns when optimizing the URLs:

  • Homepage:
  • Category Page:
  • Sub-category Page:
  • Product Page:

Note: Avoid using unsafe characters and stop words in URLs.

How to enable SEO friendly URL in Magento 2 store?

Enlisted below are some simple steps that you need to follow in order to enable SEO friendly URL.

  • Log into your administration panel, and then follow navigate to Stores >> Configuration >> General >> Web
  • Click on Search Engine Optimization and under that tab you’ve to select YES for “use web server rewrites”
  • Finally, click on the save config button

How to enable SEO friendly URL in Magento 2 store

2. Fix Duplicate Content Issues on Magento 2 Website

Today, search engines have become more sophisticated and the importance of unique and relevant content has increased tremendously in the last few years. As a store merchant, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your Magento 2 store has unique content, because, Google strictly prohibits the use of duplicate, thin and scraped content under all circumstances.

To overcome the issue of duplicate content, it’s wise to use the canonical tag by following this path: Stores – Configuration – Catalog – Search Engine Optimization and then you’ve to set Yes for ‘Canonical Link Meta Tags for Categories and Products’. When you use the canonical tag, it will prevent the problem caused by “duplicate” or identical content appearing on different page URLs.

Note: Here are some reasons for the occurrence of duplicate content in Magento 2 website:

  • Variation of the same product
  • Pagination
  • Same product in different categories
  • Product sorting
  • Product filtering

Fix Duplicate Content Issues on Magento 2 Website

3. Optimize The Page Load Speed of Your Magento 2 Store

Always remember that a slow loading website not only frustrates the visitors but can also impact your search engine rankings badly. In other words, the site with slow loading speed is neither preferred by the visitors nor by Google. There are several ways through which you can increase the page load speed of your Magento 2 site.

  • Enable flat catalog products and categories through stores >> configuration >> Catalog >> Scroll down to Use Flat Catalog Products and Categories >> Set Yes >> Save Config.
  • Enable all caching features and Flush Magento 2 cache.
  • Combine all your JavaScript (JS) files into a single file. Do the same for all your CSS files. Follow this path: System > Configuration > Developer > JS/CSS Settings.

JavaScript Settings:

  • Merge JavaScript Files: Yes
  • Enable JavaScript Bundling: Yes
  • Minify JavaScript Files: Yes

CSS Settings:

  • Merge CSS Files: Yes
  • Minify CSS Files: Yes

Optimize The Page Load Speed of Your Magento 2 Store

4. Product Images Optimization

Typically, eCommerce store merchants focus on optimizing H1, content, and product SKUs but tend to forget optimizing the product images. However, optimizing the product images can up your SEO game. When you are in the eCommerce industry, it becomes important to rank your product images in SERP by using proper alt-tags, which tell the crawlers what the image is all about, because, without alt-tags, crawlers can’t read the images.

Things to consider when optimizing product images:

  • Alt-tags need to be short, clear and relevant
  • Never stuff keywords in alt-tag
  • Always write a proper description
  • Use meaningful filename. For example, Samsung-galaxy-S10-.jpg is a lot more informative than JPG

Final Words

In 2018, SEO played a vital role in driving millions of customers to eCommerce stores. If you also want to optimize your Magento 2 store, you must practice the proven tips given in this insightful post.

Author Bio

Vachel Ladd is a professional developer who also provides Magento store optimization services. You can seek a free consultation from him on how to hire Magento 2 developer at affordable prices. In his spare time, he loves to watch movies, and write insightful posts on the latest trends.

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