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What are the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress and how you can use it?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress and how you can use it?

WordPress is based upon PHP and MySQL, and it’s a free CMS content management system. The features of WordPress include template system and plugin architecture although WordPress is usually associated with blogging, it also reinforces other applications and other web content like online stores, media galleries, mailing lists, and forum. WordPress appeal to a large audience, and it has about 60 million websites using it. WordPress is a popular website management system. WordPress is widely used across the world, and it was first generated in 2003.

Although it’s running its 15 years, it’s holding strong and having more users daily. People prefer to use WordPress than any other. The best thing about using WordPress is that it makes webpages. It allows you to publish and create webpages. Since it allows you to create webpages, you can get as creative as you like. You can also login to the website to know more.

Let’s take a look at the pro and cons of WordPress

Pro: More user-friendly

Most of the sites use WordPress. It is estimated that 74.6 websites use WordPress. If you use word press, you would be reaching out to a larger audience.

Great navigation

If you use WordPress, you’ll realize just how easy it is to navigate through the content. WordPress is created so that it can be used by anyone with simple and basic computer skills. It is created for anyone to use it.


Although the plugins can be difficult to read, use and understand, their use is all unto you, and you’re in charge of the plugins, and they can turn into your best friend to develop a site easier you are given a chance to upload many plugins and work with it.


E-commerce or selling and buying online has become a hot topic. Many people would opt to buy online, and if you can optimize the site, you can gain a lot of customers. This is great because e-commerce help creates your brand and help you find many customers.


The plugins are usually designed for SEO purposes because the use of description and meta tags are very difficult for some people; hence, WordPress offers an easier platform to understand and use the tags.


It is very easy to turn your WordPress into forums.


Blogging is the core of the program. If you want to earn through blogging, then WordPress is the way to go. These two are, and therefore if you’re a blogger, WordPress is the way to go.

Low cost

Another feature of WordPress is that is it free to install, and the theme available are in plenty so you can choose any theme and not pay anything.

Mobile compatibility

Another feature of WordPress is that is it, mobile phone friend, if you’ve uploaded it in your computer, you can also upload it in your phone, and it has the same functionality.

Cons: Layout is difficult

The layout is one of the downsides to WordPress they are not easily available, and it’s difficult to navigate through them. The same goes for the design process, which is not easily available and cannot be navigated easily.

Updates come in a quantity

If you’re a WordPress user you’d be aware that the updates happen most of the times it might not be regularly, but it happens at least two time or 3 times a week, so this can be very troublesome, and if you’re impatient this will test your patience.

Database: The advantages and disadvantages of using database

A collection of data is called a database these data can be accessed and stored in the computer. The database on the computer is a place where all the data are saved; this place is accessible, and the data can be reached at any time.

Pro and cons of database

Pro: Data Redundancy

The database helps in data redundancy, usually in the file processing system the files are duplicated, and they occupy the space in the computer without being unhelpful in anyways – database help in data redundancy.

Inconsistency avoided

In the file processing system, the files are usually duplicated, and when the files are duplicated, they appear in all the data saved in the computer, and this creates inconsistency. The database helps in reducing the duplicates.

It’s more flexible

In a centralized database, the changes in the storage are made easier as compared to the conventional system.

Cons: It is complex

To design the database, it is a time-consuming and challenging task to perform. So you can use the help of professionals for this.

Damage affects the whole database

If there is a corrupt file in the database, the entire system fails, and all the files will be corrupted. This creates a lot of havoc.

Training required

Initially, to get used to the database system, the efforts have to be put in with the cost and time to train application programmers and end-user.

It is to be noted that WordPress makes the creation of webpages much easier and anyone can use WordPress as it is easy to handle. WordPress is easily accessible, and it is easy to use. There are many advantages to use WordPress as there are many disadvantages too.

The database is a collection of data, and it is much easier to use as compared to the file processing system. There are several advantages of using a database, and there are fewer disadvantages.


To conclude is it, therefore, safe to say that both the WordPress and Database are very important elements in the computer many online users use both these entities as WordPress is one of the most used application on the web. Many people earn a lot through WordPress, especially the bloggers; therefore, if you’re looking for an online job, you could try blogging and use WordPress as it helps create online jobs. Database too can be used easily once you’ve learned how to use it.

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