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What is Link Reclamation? How to Recover the Lost Link Value?


What is Link Reclamation?

“Link Reclamation is the process that helps you to find and fix the broken link URL within your website or contacting other’s website that links to yours.”

The concept of Link Reclamation originates from the link building processes. Creating backlinks is the necessary part of off page SEO. But many times due to website redesign, removing or updating web pages and updating URL, most of the links became dead and have no value. This may lead to a bad effect on your website’s SEO.  For being a human, it’s also not possible to search out all the dead or broken links from the distinct sources.

Link Reclamation includes programs that are executed to scroll over and list the entire dead, broken and irrelevant links. Now it’s up to you what you desire for. You can redirect these links to an existing web page or kill them off for the good SEO health of your website.

If you would like to know deeply about the whole concept of Link Reclamation, you need to attentively go through the entire article from top to bottom. Next section refers to the methods to effectively execute the Link Reclamation Processes—

How to Recover the Lost Link Value?

Lots of free plugins and bots are available to discover the broken or dead links to your website. Once after listing the broken links you can remove them or update to recover the lost link value.

Here are some best and amazing plugins for executing the Link Reclamation—

Check My Links Plugin in Google Chrome:

If you are a chrome user, you can download the free “Check My Links” Plugin. This plugin is intentionally made for the content editors, developers, and web designers

Once after install and activate the “Check My Links” Chrome plugin, users can conveniently find out the dead or broken links. You just need to follow these steps after this plugin activation—

  • Press CTRL + Shift + J to launch the Console Log in Google Chrome.
  • There you will look the entire dead URLs and HTTP response codes
  • Now open the settings and click on Tools, then move to JavaScript Console to explore the existing dead links.

Now, you can fix them as per your requirement or remove the unwanted broken links for the good.

Google Webmaster Tools:

In case you are not using Google Chrome, you can use the Google webmaster tools rather than wasting time in chrome installation.  With the help of Google Web Master Tools, users can also find the entire dead or broken links in a more handy way.

Not just for Link Reclamation, but many SEO tools are also available for free Google Webmaster Platform. To get started you need to have a user account there.

  • If you already created an account, you can log in and head to Crawl Section.
  • Now look at the Links issues detected there
  • If you see the error stated as “Not Found”, it simply means that a particular web page is unable to display due to invalid URL.
  • If you find Soft 404 issue, this means the broken, redirected or dead links are detected.
  • You may also find Server Error for any internal issues there on your website.

Google webmaster tools provide the best and convenient platforms to detect every possible and exact troublesome URL. So, it’s good to use it for Link Reclamation.

Excel Spreadsheet Program:

List the entire dead or broken link URL you found from the Google webmaster tool in Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet program.

It also never matters what’s the version of MS Excel you are using.

If you find less number of dead links, it’s better to manually go through each link and cross-check whether they are broken or dead in real.

Just fix them to get the lost link value for the good SEO health of your website.

Use AHREF Tool to Flush 404 Errors:

Ahref is also the prominent and convenient tool to clean up the on-site troublesome links that are often impossible to detect easily. You will never go wrong with the Ahref tool to discover the broken or dead links, new site migration URL with HTTPS and other eliminated redirects.

Once you remove the 404 broken link issue, hand over the new links to the websites linking back to your own website. You can also use the permanent 301 redirects for transferring the entire juice to correct link URL.

What’s the need of Link Reclamation?

For every company website, Link reclamation is necessary for many aspects—

  • Your website’s SEO health can be badly affected by these dead or broken link URLs. Link Reclamation helps to detect these unwanted links that can be fixed or removed by the site owner.
  • Link Reclamation also provides site visitors with the best navigation experiences. In case they find 404 not found errors, they may leave your website which also leads to an increase in the bounce rate.
  • With the help of numerous Link Reclamation tools, you can also find the dead links listed from other’s website like forums, blogs, and articles. It’s also necessary to update Link URLs on a regular basis if you need regular web page updates like e-commerce or news website.
  • Dead links are mainly the cause of spelling errors, redirections, or website makeovers. With the way to Link Reclamation, you can easily find and fix those dead links.
  • In case you are ignoring the quality cross-check of the links within your website or other website links back to your own, you may lose your site reputation and ranking due to poor navigation experiences.


If you are an SEO expert and looking for ways how to detect dead or broken links within the website, we hope you will find here something more valuable and extraordinary. We are also waiting for your valuable feedback through the comment section at the bottom.

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