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Why White Hat SEO is the Best For Your Business


The fascinating world of SEO is constantly updating. The SEO strategies that you’re implementing now may prove to be useless in the next few weeks. This is due to the fact that most major search engines are actively bridging the gap between machines and humans when it comes to finding the best possible content when they enter what they’re looking for in the search bar.

No one likes to waste their hard-earned money on investments that could fail later. But how does one know which SEO strategy to use?

More importantly, what kind of SEO should you use for your business so you can stay on top of your industry niche?

Black Hat VS White Hat

SEO, or search engine optimization primarily helps websites become visible for their particular niche in Google and other major search engines. In order to do that, SEO helps the site acquire more visitors and gain a higher rank.

Under this assumption comes 2 types of SEO strategies- white hat and black hat. Each “hat” has its own set of philosophies, execution techniques, methods and tools to get to the end goal, which is coming out on top in search rankings.

Let’s check out what each hat does and why White Hat SEO ultimately comes out on top.

White Hat SEO

White is the color of cleanliness, and this holds the same for SEO strategies. Basically, white hat means you go about doing your SEO according to the rules and recommendations of Google and other major search engines.

There’s no shortcut when it comes to building a website using white hat SEO. It’s ethical, meaning it doesn’t make use of exploits to get an edge over the competition. It’s compliant, which means this strategy follows the guidelines not just with Google but with all other search engines. White hat is designed to get the most organic traffic using the right techniques and with great content.

White hat is the key for long-term success. It improves conversions, web traffic and your ranking in certain keywords.

Black Hat SEO

Black conjures up images of something dirty, or dark… and that’s what black hat SEO is all about. Companies who use this type of strategy are adept at finding loopholes and exploit minute algorithm errors for their own gain. Black hat may seem to be better than white hat because it provides quicker results in a short span of time.

Putting in hidden links and texts, over-stuffing content with keywords on each sentence and link spamming are just some of the practices done using the black hat strategy. You may see a rise in keyword search rankings when you use black hat, but you can be sure that it will be short-lived. As soon as Google has updated their algorithm (which they often do), your website will be back to square one, or even penalized for using such underhanded techniques.

Why White Hat SEO is Best

White hat is what all businesses need to be successful in the long run. Here’s how you can follow the right path to SEO success:

Quality Content

Content is king in the world of SEO. Treat it like royalty by doing the following:

– Taking the time to craft a unique, engaging piece.

– Put in the keyword only once or twice; write naturally.

– Has to offer invaluable information.

– Should be interesting, flow well, have good spelling, grammar, etc.

When you do all of these, then your readers will find your website valuable and come by it often. Soon, word of mouth follows and you’ll have a ton of organic traffic coming your way.

White hat is the longer path to SEO, but it’s the most rewarding as well. Content builds up your brand’s foundation. What you put on your site will continue to serve you long after they’ve been posted!

Guest Posting

Trading commodities isn’t unusual. You might be surprised to know that posting great content on other similar niche sites are not only accepted, it’s encouraged. The other site gets invaluable content while your site builds up “back links”, which is a vital component to your website’s success. It’s one of the few elements a search engine company such as Google looks at. It’s great and it gives you exposure. Web owners and readers alike will see how well you put out great content, and soon more opportunities follow.

Off-Page Optimization

This aspect is the sort of thing that goes behind the scenes. Some of the things you have to do include submitting press releases, short blog posts, classified ads, articles and ebooks. Inbound linking is all about acquiring traffic from quality referrals such as top authoritative sites, blogs, etc. Quality links should focus more on quality instead of quantity; more importantly, the backlinks you get should be more like a recommendation from that site that says you have a great website everyone should see.

Digital media in the off-page aspect includes podcasts, articles, videos and photos. Some of the more popular examples include Facebook pics and YouTube videos that go viral. These types of SEO content serve to drive traffic straight to your website, invariably increasing your searchability and visibility on the internet.

On-Page Optimization

Think of on-page optimization as the front-end of your SEO strategy. The things you do here will be highly visible to Google and your target audience. Some of the things you’ll have to optimize for are the following:

– metatags

– HTML tags

– headings of the appropriate length

– proper formatting

This type of optimization can be done on new and existing websites. You clear out or fix broken and dead links, implement HTML code corrections, optimize existing content, add landing pages, analytic setups, internal links and site maps.

Key Takeaway

Every virtual space of your website must be spruced up and become presentable to the crawlers as well as your readers. This means your website must look good no matter where it is being viewed. Optimizing for mobile screens is important as more than 50% of online users are browsing on their mobile phones. Putting up a clear site architecture is essential for people and search engine bots to easily find your site. The bots rank your site while your audiences read up on content that answers their questions.

Why is white hat SEO the best for your business? Simple. It’s the only way to do SEO right!

Author Bio: Amit Raj is an seo consultant who believes in full transparency and straight to the point advice.

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  1. Really Nice!
    Definitely, only White-Hat SEO must be practiced. Even though it takes Long Term to attain Success, that success would result in a permanent and authoritative one.
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